August 2023 Bokksu – Fireworks Festival

As the summer winds down, natsu matsuri, or summer festivals, pop up in Japan. These are times of fireworks, people dressed in Yukatas (summer kimonos), and a plethora of delicious summer foods. The theme of the August 2023 Bokksu is Fireworks Festival. This month we get to experience the flavors of these late summer festivals.

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August 2023 Bokksu – Fireworks Festival

Otokogi Wasabi Chips

I loved these chips. The wasabi flavoring was strong and left that distinct burn in my nose that is associated with wasabi before fading away. This is not a snack that is eaten quickly, as the burn will add up and likely leave you in tears. However, I slowly enjoyed it over the day and it was the perfect way to do it.

Garitto Takoyaki Arare

I love anything takoyaki flavored so these crackers were fantastic. They had a wonderful crunch and were overall very enjoyable.

Rice Cracker: Negi Miso

I love rice crackers but miso-flavored items aren’t for me. My husband enjoyed this snack and thought the flavor was quite good.

Pataya Gummy: Green Apple

These gummies melted in transit, so their shape and texture were not what they should have been. That being said, they were still good, with a light apple flavor that was quite refreshing.

Goma Ippai Tart Cookie

Since these are black sesame flavored I have them to my husband. He really enjoyed them and said they were a nice combination of sweet and slightly bitter from the black sesame.

Hanabi Hojicha Tea

This tea was alright. I’ve tried some hojicha tea from previous Bokksu and this one had a similar flavor.

Rich Matcha Chocolate Crunch

Another snack that I have had similar versions of in the past, such as the Sakura chocolate crunch in April 2023. I quite liked this one. The matcha flavor was light but went well with the chocolate.

Kanalce: Wajima Caramel Cake

This little slice of cake was fantastic. It was soft, moist, and had the perfect amount of caramel flavor. My only complaint is that I wanted more but only a single piece was included.

Ningyoyaki Cake: Custard

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this cake. The outside was light and paired perfectly with the custard filling.

Ningyoyaki Cake: Koshi-An

I wasn’t sure if I would like this version of the ningyoyaki because it had red bean paste in it. However, it was delicious. I think it’s because the red bean paste wasn’t too thick and it complimented the outer cake perfectly. This one was shaped as a katsugite or person who carried the mikoshi

Lemon Waffle Cookie

I’ve had several waffle cookies in the past and always look forward to trying them. This lemon version was good. The lemon flavor was mild but had that slight bite as well. I really enjoyed this one.

Salted Black Chocolate Chinsuko

These little cookies were surprisingly good. The chocolate flavor was good and the saltiness enhanced that flavor slightly. They do have a mildly sandy texture, as they crumble apart as you chew them.

Hiyashi Melon Mochi

I loved these. Mochi is always some of my favorite snacks in Bokksu and the melon flavor of this mochi was fantastic. It was like biting into a fresh Hokkaido melon.

Fruit Daifuku Mochi: Amanatsu

These daifuku were good, though I didn’t really taste much of the citrus flavor from the amanatsu citrus jelly. Even so, I enjoyed them.

Kamu Kamu: Setouchi Lemon

These candies were good. Slightly sweet and slightly tangy. They were a bit addictive and I can see why they are a popular summer snack in Japan.

Dojou Sukui Manju: Strawberry Milk

This snack was slightly disappointing. It didn’t have much flavor to it, though the packaging was quite unique.

There was a snack included that didn’t appear in the booklet. However, it was a mochi with a citrus filling and it was delicious.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the August 2023 Bokksu. Have you tried Bokksu?

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