Book Review: Big Shot

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Big Shot was one of those books that I enjoyed and yet have a hard time explaining why that is. The beginning of the book really grabbed my attention as it instantly tosses action and several questions at the reader, so of course you want to keep reading and find out whats happening. I did enjoy the characters, and having one of the main characters being affected by amnesia throughout a large chunk of the story due to the initial events did put an interesting twist on things. The romance was slow building, but that is to be expected considering Meghan was suffering from amnesia.

A large portion of the story revolves around Meghan and her struggles to not only recover from the attack that left her with amnesia but to recover her memories as well. Along this journey she also needs to figure out what do about Durk, who is an old friend and an ex-lover, though the latter doesn’t get revealed to her until later on, and her growing feelings for him as she recovers.

The part that kept the story really going was the investigation into Meghan’s attack. Meghan is a P.I. by trade but with her lost memories she can’t really do much to begin with, but as she slowly starts to remember things she gets more actively involved in the case, well in a way since she tends to do things without allowing the police to do their duty. While this was a large portion of the story I can’t say that it was the strongest part. I realize with the loss of memory they couldn’t just instantly have her figuring things out yet I felt like there weren’t enough clues given along the way to even give the reader a chance to try and figure out who the attacker was. It was all pretty much trust at the reader at the end and while it did have an interesting twist when they did find the attacker I did feel a bit disappointed that the events leading up to it were lacking.

Overall it was an enjoyable read that had a bit of a mystery to it as well as a good romance feel. With an easy flow to the story I would seek out more novels from this author in the future.

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