Book Review: Blood of the King

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

This book had a fairly solid start, introducing the main character, Khirro, as he finds himself in peril. He is a farmer but with a war threatening the kingdom he is currently fulfilling the role of warrior. Though badly hurt Khirro comes to the rescue of the mortally wounded king in an attempt to save him. While it’s good to see the hero of the book as a normal person with little warrior training and an unimpressive background such as being a farmer I feel like this general plot line is in far too many fantasy novels and so I found it a bit predictable and lackluster.

While quite a bit happens at the beginning, and throughout the story for that matter, I found the pace to be slow. Not enough to completely hinder the story but it certainly did make progression of the plot line and willingness to continue reading low. Having Khirro cursed in order to complete the mission was a different twist, but in all honestly its not that much different than so many other hero out of no one fantasy novels, they always complete the quest whether cursed to do so or of their of choice, they always do it.

The other characters we okay but none really grabbed my attention. Khirro, while the potential hero of the story is fairly dull. Ghaul is a warrior and traveling with Khirro from nearly the beginning. Elyea’s the whore, who after being saved by the pair insists on traveling with them, she seems to know far too many people that are convenient for helping them out even given her profession. Athryn the magicians and Maes his midget brother were an okay addition to the group, they filled the predictable role of magic user in the book. Shyn’s addition to the party felt like there was one too many traveling with Khirro at this point. What is the purpose of so many traveling with him? Which one of them will betray him in the end, since there is no way everyone there is there for a good reason.

When a bit of the past about Darestat, the Necromancer who can resurrect the king, was revealed I was happy to see it, finally something of significance had happened even if it was small and took til nearly the middle of the book to be given. Shyn revealing himself as a falcon, matching the one in Khirro’s dreams was interesting enough but still didn’t draw me into the story.

Honestly just after the half way point I had lost interest in what the characters were doing and what might become of them, I just wanted to get to the end of the book so I could be done with it. While things did pick up a bit as the end of the story drew closer after being dragged through the first three quarters of the book I found myself still not invested in the story or characters, yes I read through this section a bit faster because things were happening and the climax of the story was finally being reached but in the end things turned out far too simple and predictable.

Overall this book was slow, had dull characters and fairly predictable plot line and never grabbed my attention enough. I am sure that there are others out there that will enjoy this book quite a bit but it was not for me. Will I read the others in this series? Possibly but I will be in no rush to do so. I do recommend this book to those who enjoy fantasy as well as those who are looking at getting into the genre.

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