Book Review: Course of Action

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

This book contains two stories, Out of Harm’s Way by Lindsay McKenna and Any Time, Any Place by Merline Lovelace.

Out of Harm’s Way

Sometimes characters make bad decisions which put them in a heap of danger. And that is exactly what Madison did at the beginning of this story. However without that bad decision the events would have been very different, perhaps she would have still been in a life threatening situation later on that had thrust her in Travis’ path, or perhaps not. In this case that stupid choice did put her in his path and because of that we end up with a quick entertaining read about these two.

I found Madison was a pretty good character, she obviously was put through a life changing and dangerous situation being kidnapped. She wasn’t a weak character, though certainly there were moments when she made terrible decisions, but small faults like that are what make great characters because they are more relatable than those perfect, do no wrong characters. Travis was a good character, strong, protective, well-trained but not void of emotions and obviously willing to put his life on the line to rescue Madison.

The quick attraction between them wasn’t as off putting in this story as I would normally find it because they both respected that given the situation they were in it wasn’t the time to see if they feelings were just a moment of lust or real. It was nice to see them wait and see if their feelings were real once they were both out of the desert and back on familiar and safe soil. There was a nice bit of action in this book, however I think I would have liked to have seen a bit more. Really the one downside to this book was the lack of other characters. Yes, there were a few but their roles were so small that the story seemed to be just about and involving Travis and Madison.

Overall I quite enjoyed this story. It was a quick read and had a nice pace, with a good writing style as well. Romance fans should like this one, as it has a lot of the elements that make a good romance.

Any Time, Any Place

I really enjoyed this story. Right from the beginning I could tell that this was the type of book that I would have a hard time setting down, and that was exactly the case. Anna was a great character, her reluctance to accept Duke advances at first was good and her reason made it all the more sense. She was a great strong female character, but not so much that she didn’t need help from others or acted like she was superior. Duke was a fun character, he grew a lot over the course of this book which was good because in the beginning he wasn’t as appealing as he became further on in the story. Beyond these two there was a great mix of characters placed throughout the story, some were smaller roles while others has a greater presence and impact on the story.

This was one of those books that I didn’t put down and enjoyed from beginning to end. There were moments where I was laughing at the exchanges between these two, and other times I was pulled in by the bursts of action admit the story. There were some nice twists along the way as well as a good amount of suspense. With it’s interested characters, engaging plot line, great writing, a solid flow Any Time, Any Place is a great read and has made me want to search out more Military Romance novels as well as more books by Merline Lovelace.

Overall these two books were really good. I admit that I liked Any Time, Any Place better than Out of Harm’s Way, but they both had an appeal to them for different reasons. Romance lovers will enjoy these two books as they are great quick reads that leave you wanting more.

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