Book Review: Killbox

Before I even picked up Killbow I knew it would be a book that I would greatly enjoy. After finishing the prior book, Doubleblind, I could see that Killbox would be full of action, and that is exactly what I found. Almost right off of the bat there is some action, right within the first chapter, and before that chapter ends there is the promise of a possibly long and bloody war. I knew right then and there that this would be a book I would not want to put down.

I loved this book, in fact I would go as far to say it was my favorite in the series so far. The pace of this book was really solid. I don’t remember hitting a single slow point. Although I did find the transmissions between Tarn and Leviter to be a bit of a distraction from the story the first few times they came into play, however, I do see their importance to the story, so I was able to read through them without much impact on the flow of other things.

The events that occurred in this book were really interesting, including some surprises I did not expect to happen. Certainly the characters were pushed a lot in this book, given that they are getting ready for a war on many fronts. Sirantha’s character has grown a lot over the course of this series and this is where she really shines. Now she’s more than just a Jumper, although that aspect of her is still very strong and important to the story as a whole, she’s also a soldier, and ex-ambassador and a friend to a few unlikely parties.

Because of the war going on, though it has only really just begun, there is a lot of action in this book. Within that action there is a mix of space battles, which I absolutely love, and plenty of action on the ground as well, including gun fights and battles fought using hand to hand combat. There were a few times though, especially during a few battles, where I wished the book wasn’t written in first person so that I could see more of what was happening, and also see what other characters are up to during these times. Even so, I found the book to be well written and very enjoyable to read.

Overall, I loved this book. The action, character development, world build and general story line all combined into a truly great read. I would definitely recommend this series to those who enjoy science fiction, as well as those who are simply looking for a really great series to read. I am eager to continue on with the series and see just what lies in store for Sirantha and company in the final two books.

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