Book Review: Rescue At Cardwell Ranch

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

For the last almost two years I have been reading and enjoying the Cardwell Ranch series, as well as a few other series written by B.J. Daniels. So of course I was excited to hear that even more books were coming out in this series. The Cardwell’s have become one of my favorite western romantic suspense families and I was looking forward to meeting another member of this large and diverse family.

The book starts off really good and throws that typical bit of action and suspense at the reader than I have come to expect from this series. It also introduces the three main characters in this book, Hayes Cardwell, McKenzie Sheldon and the mystery attacker. Of these three characters I have to say the mysterious attacker is my favorite. Why? Well Hayes is your typical cowboy who also plays hero and is determined to keep McKenzie safe, while McKenzie is a relatively stubborn workaholic who isn’t letting an unknown attacker stop her from performing the job she loves and also isn’t about to let Hayes stop her either. These are fairly typical character types that I have come across in many romantic suspense books so they didn’t stand out to me as anything special. But the attacker has a bit more of an appeal. He’s a man of mystery, determination and has danger written all over him. The best part is that his identity is very well hidden, in fact you don’t even know his name until at least half way through the book and even when his name is given it’s among several other unknown mens names of which any could be the man who attacked McKenzie.

On top of the mystery attacker and Hayes attempting to protect her there is another man in McKenzie’s life that certainly helps to complicate things and those some extra suspense into the story. Then there is also the recurring characters that have been seen in several of the other books in this series and help to tie a few things together and give off that sense of family connectivity that this series has established among the Cardwell’s.

This book is fairly fast paced but what stood out to me most is how short it felt. Sometimes I read a book quickly, even if it is relatively long and it feels short but in a good way, however in the case of Rescue At Cardwell Ranch everything felt a little short. I felt as though I was just starting to get into it when it ended. It’s as though things were condensed in a way. Perhaps it was because the only character I really cared about seeing was the attacker but something in this book made it not hold up to what I had come to expect out of the rest of the series. Yes, I enjoyed it, but not as much as I had been expecting. It was good, but not really good or great.

Overall I did enjoy the book even though it felt short and a bit flat to me at times. I do still really enjoy this series and I will be continuing on with it when the next book comes out. Those who enjoy quick romantic suspense reads will likely enjoy this book, though overall the romance aspect was very muted as well.

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