Book Review: Traitor To The Blood

I came into Traitor To The Blood eager to see what would occur next as Leesil, Magiere, Chap and Wynn, continued their journey to discover more about the past. In the case of this book, Leesil’s past. I expected there to be a good amount of things happening in this book, and of course a few slow parts – as most books inevitably have a few of those. But that is not what I found within these pages.

The book had a slower pace than I was hoping for. Things seemed to drag on chapter after chapter. There was far too much bickering between Magiere, Leesila nd Wynn. Yes, it’s to be expected that with three very different individuals traveling together for extended periods of time, something would set them off here and there, and there would fights among them over what they should or shouldn’t do next. But it was a bit too frequent in this book.

I did enjoy learning more about Leesil, his family and his people, though there is still plenty to learn about with the latter. He faced many challenges initially escaping his past, and then even more challenges trying to discover what he had missed since he had fled, namely whether his parents had survived or not. Yet at the same time, he was such a shell of his former self for the majority of the book that it was almost as if he wasn’t there at all. It’s hard to get into the story when the character around which most of the events are revolving around, has essentially removed himself from being there, except for just the empty physical shell that he had become. Why should I care about Leesil, his past or his family’s fate when he’s sitting mopey in the inn most of the time?

The story did pick up towards the end, in the last hundred pages or so, which finally made me enjoy the book somewhat. But at that point I felt that nothing could really redeem the story. I will continue on with the series and hope that things get better from here on out, as I really did enjoy the first few books.

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