Book Review: Came The Mirror & Other Tales by Rumiko Takahashi

Title: Came The Mirror & Other Tales

Author: Rumiko Takahashi

Page Count: 208

Publish Date: February 15, 2022

Publisher: Viz Media

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Five intimate magical-realist tales from manga legend Rumiko Takahashi! A supernatural mirror compels a teenager to draw out and destroy the evil lurking within others. But will his duty destroy him? A has-been manga creator acquires the power to curse his competition. Is it worth it? A pet cat possesses a human—warning, side effects may include partial transmogrification… And more!

Plus, a rare behind-the-scenes autobiographical story about Takahashi’s lifelong love affair with manga (and friendship with manga creator Mitsuru Adachi)!

Came The Mirror & Other Tales

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My Review:

This short manga collection consists of 5 different stories. Each of them has a slight horror element to them.

Came The Mirror

The story follows Eito and Nana, both of whom are cursed by a mirror in their palm. This mirror allows them to see monsters residing in people, and it helps to extract those monsters so they can be purified and destroyed by the mirror bearer.

This is clearly not an easy thing to deal with and destroying these monsters has a negative effect on Nana and Eito, making them sick.

Eito and Nana must work together to deal with a particularly dangerous person who has murdered them in the past. This is no easy task, but together they stand a chance at succeeding.

This was my favorite story of the collection. I do wish it could have been a bit longer so we could see more of these two, but it also felt like a good stopping point for the story.

Revenge Doll

A story about jealousy and revenge and a doll that allows a person to curse the ones they name.

This one was quite interesting, involving a struggling manga artist, the people in his life, and his desire to punish any who stand in his way. The doll he is give has the ability to curse 3 people, each curse getting stronger. His jealousy of others spurs him to use the doll’s abilities fairly quickly.

The Star Has a Thousand Faces

I’ll admit, this wasn’t my favorite story in the collection, as it felt too chaotic at times and it wasn’t always clear what was reality and what was part of the TV show. However, it was still an interesting peak into Takahashi’s storytelling.

Lovely Flower

This story was strange yet intriguing. A particular flower keeps appearing everywhere Rikako goes, whether it’s the hairdresser, the dentist, stores, or even her home. Throw in the strange emails she keeps receiving, and the creepiness seems in.

This flower plays a huge role in the story and Rikako is the only one who hates the smell of it. She also seems to be the only one who finds it strange they are popping up everywhere.

Rikako is forced to investigate this strange flower, with a bit of help from her husband who knows a lot about plants but is away on a work trip. As she looks more into it, things get even stranger.

The reason for her reaction to the flower is a bit of a surprise and while the story did end somewhat abruptly, I felt it was well done.

With Cat

This one was a bit strange. Okay, all the stories were strange but this one stood out from the others.

It’s not necessarily scary, but the curse that Shuta is certainly unique. He is cursed by Miya’s cat, Torachiyo

Miya and Shuta must work together to find out why the curse was put on him and figure out a way to lift it. This isn’t easy as Torachiyo causes many distractions for Shuta and Miya is hiding a bit of a secret that is slowing the process down.

The ending was kinda funny and cute. While I didn’t love the story, I admit I would like to see more of these two.

My Sweet Sunday

This is a bonus story that shows the between Mitsuru Adachi and Rumiko Takahashi, along with her love of manga and creating it.

I can’t say much about this one, but it seemed a bit disjointed and not easy to follow. It can be skipped if you are only interested in the five short story manga.

Overall, Came The Mirror & Other Tales is an interesting collection of horror-based manga. The stories are quite interesting, and while I found the horror element to be light, some may find the images more disturbing. It is a must-read for all Rumiko Takahashi fans as these stories are quite different from her other works.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Came The Mirror & Other Tales. Have you read this book?

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  1. Horror manga? Say no more! Plus the stories sound interesting too, can’t wait to read this one. As always, thanks for sharing!

    1. Author

      Yes, horror manga! It’s something I am only starting to read and there are tons out there.

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