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Did you know that I’m an anime fan? Well, I am. In fact, I mentioned this in my A to Z post a little while back. I didn’t always watch anime. It wasn’t until about 2002 that I started watching it, and my love of anime has grown from there. There is such a large number of anime movies and series out there, so it can be hard to find good ones. Much like everything else in the world, what I like and what someone else likes will vary a lot. However, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite anime movies and series.

Favorite Anime Movies

Your Name. Created by Makoto Shinkai, this is the best anime movie ever! I wanted to see this when it was released in theatres, however, a big freezing rain and ice storm came along and ruined my plans. Eventually, I got to see it and I have watched it a few dozen times since. If you haven’t seen this one yet, then you need to. It’s so beautiful. But be warned, you will likely need some tissues handy because you will probably cry. I have also been listening to the soundtrack in my truck for well over a year now.

Studio Ghibli Movies. I may be cheating with this, but I lumped all of these movies together, otherwise, they would overwhelm this list. I have yet to find a bad Studio Ghibli movie. There are some I like less than others, but in the end, I love them all. Although, if I had to choose a favorite, it would be Spirited Away, a fantastic movie all around.

The Garden of Words. This movie is a bit on the short side, only 46 minutes long. However, that doesn’t mean that the story is lacking. Fun fact, the two main characters of this movie also appear in Your Name.

Voices of A Distant Star. I believe this is the first anime movie that I ever watch. Although it is only 25 minutes long, I love it. The creator of this went on to make The Garden of Words and Your Name. It’s no wonder that three of his works made it to my favorite list.

Wolf Children. I’ll admit, I didn’t love this one initially. I had read the manga and liked it, so decided to give the movie a try. As time went on, I couldn’t stop thinking about this movie. So, I watched it again and that’s when I realized how much I enjoyed it. This one has such a beautiful story.

Appleseed. Appleseed appeals to both my love of anime and science fiction. There are three movies in total. Appleseed, Appleseed Ex Machina, and Appleseed Alpha. Of all of those, the first one is my favorite. One of these days I need to get around to watching the series as well.


Favorite Anime Series

Ranma 1/2. This show was my gateway into the world of anime. It was the first series that I watched and while it was a little weird, I absolutely loved it. It’s been quite a few years since I watched this one, so a rewatch may be in order soon.

InuYasha. Created by the same person who made Ranma 1/2, it’s no surprise that I loved this series. I own all of the DVDs of both the series and the movies. The entire manga series sits on my bookshelf, so yes, I love InuYasha. I recently watched this series again and really enjoyed it. I still need to read the manga though.

Gundam Wing. A series with giant fighting robots piloted by teens, what’s not to like? I don’t really remember a lot of the details of this one, as it’s been about 14 years since I watch it. I may need to add this one to my rewatch series. There are also several other Gundam series out there, though I have yet to watch those as well.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie. This series came out last year and I immediately knew it would be one of my favorite series. If you love gaming, especially those who play MMOs, then this series is for you. Really my only complaint is that it was too short and I am hoping that there is a second season in the works because I need more of this.

Sword Art Online. Just finished watching this one last night and I had to include it. I cannot wait to watch the second series. I really enjoyed the concept of players being trapped in a game that could kill them in the real world. This is another series good for gamers.

Do you love anime? What are your favorite series and movies? Leave your suggestions in the comments, I’m always looking for new anime to watch.


  1. I enjoy anime, too! Our adopted son is Asian, and he introduced us to the modern form. Have you heard of “Witch Hunter Robin”? It was my favorite of this century. As a child in the 70s, I watched “Star Blazers” EVERY DAY!

    1. Nice. I have watched Witch Hunter Robin, in fact, I probably should have put it on this list. I haven’t heard of Star Blazers before, but I will add it to my list of anime to watch. Those older shows can be fun to watch.

  2. I am not familiar with this this type of film, so it was interesting and educational to read more about it and the anime movies you enjoy. I really enjoy the fact that we are all so different!

    1. I’m glad to hear you learned something about anime. Not everyone has heard of or watched it before. I also love how different everyone is in the blogging world, especially since it means discovering new things and people all of the time.

  3. I hope you check out some of the ones you haven’t seen before! SAO is such a great series. Did you see that the third season/series of it is coming out this fall? It’s more incentive for me to watch the season series so I am ready when it comes out. And yes, Studio Ghibli is animated beauty.

  4. I don’t think I’ve seen an anime film or series I didn’t like but I don’t go out of my way to watch them either. Spirited Away, though, is breathtakingly good. And my avatar on numerous web platforms is Mark from Battle of the Planets (as it was known here, or Gatchaman originally) because of childhood memories and the shared name.

    1. There are a lot of great anime series out there. Oh, I’ve heard of Gatchaman but I have yet to watch it.

  5. I have never been a huge anime fan but I have a feeling my daughter is going to be, she’s been heading in that direction with her art/comic/story addiction lately. I will definitely have to look up a few of these for her. Might be some good Christmas presents!

    1. Yes, feed her future anime addiction. If you ever need more suggestions, you know who to ask.

  6. Loved reading this post! I’ve been wanting to dive deeper into the anime world since watching a few Studio Ghibli movies (Howl’s Moving Castle is my favorite!). However, I think I want to start with reading manga first. Do you have any recommendations for a good series to start with?

    1. Manga is a great way to go. You will get more of the story in a manga versus the anime version. I would highly recommend Orange by Ichigo Takano, Erased by Kei Sanbe, Your Name by Makoto Shinkai, A Bride’s Story by Kaoru Mori, The Girl From The Other Side by Nagabe, A Silent Voice by Yoshitoki Ōima, and The Ancient Magus’ Bride by Kore Yamazaki. Other manga series I would recommend are Fruits Basket, Silver Spoon, InuYasha, Read Or Die, and Appleseed. If you are interested in an anime, I would recommend reading the manga first and then watching the anime, just remember there will be parts missing because not everything makes it into the anime.

  7. I’m a fan of anime too. I love your picks. I’ve seen a lot of the ones you’ve mentioned. When I was in high school I would stay up late almost every night and watch Inuyasha. I love the intro song. My favorite anime series is Sailor Moon it was the first series I got into and sparked my love for anime.

    1. Staying up late to watch InuYasha sounds like perfection. I remember taking over the common room in college to watch an Inuyasha marathon, the others weren’t happy but it was the only time I ever watched TV while I was there. I really need to watch Sailor Moon, I saw some of it, but never managed to watch the whole series. It’s on my giant list of anime to watch.

  8. I don’t think I have ever watched an Anime film! I am definitely inspired to now….thanks for sharing 🙂 x

    1. I do hope that you check some of them out. At the very minimum, I think you should watch Princess Mononoke and Your Name.

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