Book Review: Finding Mr. Write by Kelley Armstrong

Title: Finding Mr. Write

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Page Count: 362

Publish Date: June 25, 2024

Publisher: Forever

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Daphne McFadden already knows that as a female author, the cards are stacked against her. Now she knows just how much. Because her sudden whim to pose as an “outdoorsy hunk of masculinity” male author for her new book just resulted in the unthinkable: a bidding war, a huge book deal, and the kind of fame every author dreams of. Now she’s in big trouble. Because she needs to convince the world that Zane Remington actually exists . . . but how?

By hiring an actor, of course.

Only Chris Stanton is not an actor—not officially. He’s used to balancing the books, not pretending he wrote one. Still, he’s mostly certain he can pose as some overly macho bro-author. But when the media descend on Daphne’s gorgeous remote home in the Yukon, it’s not enough for Chris to just be the face of Zane Remington—he’ll have to become him. All while hilariously balancing the terrifying dangers of the wilderness, a massive femme fandom, and a serious crush on Daphne. But as the hype circus gets more out of control, it’s just a matter of time before someone discovers their little write lie . . .

Finding Mr. Write

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My Review:

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book started with one hell of an opening line. It certainly caught my attention.

After that, things slowed down for a bit and I found my attention wavering. However, it wasn’t enough for me to put the book down.

Luckily, it picked up after that and I found myself getting absorbed in the story. I was eager to know more about Daphne and this crazy plan that she and Nia cooked up.

I loved that the book was set in Canada and that Daphne lived off-grid in Yukon. It’s nice to see a story where people don’t live in a giant city.

This remote location not only gives us a beautiful setting, but also means Daphne has plenty of skills, such as hunting, fishing, and chopping firewood. Throw in her skills as an architect and writer, and she has a lot going for her.

Her anxiety made her relatable and more realistic. Neither she nor Chris are perfect and while they don’t initially embrace their flaws, they do over time.

In fact, these flaws made them feel real. I greatly appreciate books that have non-perfect characters.

Her friend, Nia, was a nice addition to the book, though she didn’t have a lot of page time. However, when she is there, whether in person, on a call, or texting Daphne, she has quite an impact on things. She’s a skilled lawyer and is critical to some aspects of Daphne’s plan.

Then there is Chris. He may not exactly know what he is getting into at first, but he puts his all into it. While he and Daphne don’t mesh perfectly in the beginning, we get to watch them work together to make it work for the sake of her writing career.

Learning more about these two was great. Daphne doesn’t have many people in her life, mostly her friend Nia, but her world expands throughout the book. Chris has more people in his life, yet his interactions with them are limited during the story outside of the people involved with the book launch.

Having this small cast of characters truly helps you focus on the two main characters, and what they are going through, and helps you appreciate their story even more.

There was plenty of good banter between Daphne and Chris, along with some amusing trains of thought from both. This is one of my favorite parts of the book. Solid banter truly makes a romance book so much more entertaining.

Watching Daphne and Chris navigate their plan had many amusing moments, and seeing their relationship evolve from business only to passion-fueled moments.

Another strong point of the book was the look into the publishing industry. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book. It showed the sheer amount of work it takes, not just for the author but an entire team of people, to publish a book and run a launch tour.

The whirlwind events, beginning to end, especially the initial book tour, did help to give a good pace through the book after that slow start.

Just when things were looking good, both for their relationship and the book tour, a major bump in the road happens. This was inevitable. The signs were there and while it would have been nice to have that part not happen, it would have been unrealistic.

Thanks to some negatives from Daphen’s past and a few moments of miscommunication, things started to fall apart, and again this was pretty inevitable. Many romance novels throw in a ‘the relationship falls apart because of miscommunication’ plot point and this book was no exception to that.

Luckily, as one would expect, the relationship is saved by them both admitting their faults along with their desire to resume their relationship.

The ending was well done and I feel that it wraps up the story well.

Overall, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I loved the characters, the banter, the look into the publishing industry, and the general flow of the story. I will be adding more of Kelley Armstrong’s books to my TBR.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Finding Mr. Write. Have you read this book?

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  1. I’m definitely adding Finding Mr. Write to my TBR list! It sounds like a really cute romance novel. I love non-perfect characters and some good banter. Thanks for sharing!

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