Book Review: Lynch

This audiobook was provided to me by Audiobook Jukebox for review.

Initially I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect with this audiobook. I enjoy westerns and I enjoy horror, yet even after reading the description I wasn’t sure if combining western and horror would truly work. I was pleased to find out in this case that this combination did in fact work and produced a good story.

First thing I enjoyed was the narration. The narrator, Lucas D. Smith, had a great voice for this story. His gruff cowboy like voice fit well for my idea of a western story. He also did a great job of giving the other characters their own unique voice, like Sasquatch having a very scratchy voice since he rarely spoke and Mirablis with that European accent. However, I would like to say that outside of westerns I’m not sure if the narrator’s voice would be appealing for other audiobooks.

As far as characters go I liked Johnny Pearl, though more so at the beginning when he is introduced and meets Kate Small Dove than after he is killed and meets Mirablis and is brought back from the dead. He is your typical cowboy, gruff but does have a soft side when it comes to his woman, it’s afraid to stand up to others to protect what is his and who he loves. Mirablis’ character was quite interesting especially his connection to Dr. Frankenstein, more so because there is about a one hundred year difference between the events of Frankenstein and this story’s timeline. I think my favorite character was Sasquatch, just because at first he is this monther put together using various parts of many people who doesn’t talk but then as the story progresses he shows that he can indeed talk, think and does care what happens to Johnny.

The connection between Drake, Johnny and Mirablis at the end was a really interesting twist. I had been wondering what Drakes role would be in the story beyond his initial introduction and Johnny coming to seek his revenge. I had figured there was something else about him to know but finding out what he did for Mirablis was not what I expected. But the most interesting however was the discovery of what had happened to Johnny and Katie’s unborn baby. That twist was a really nice addition to the book and it’s a shame that that’s how the book ended. It would be nice to have the story continue to see just what happens after those events.

Overall the book was interesting, though a bit on the short side. I’d recommend the book for people who might be looking for something other than your typical western or a horror novel that’s quite different.

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