Book & Movie Review: Misery

The Book:

Sadly I can’t really bring up a lot of what appealed to me in the book. I know I enjoyed it for the most part but a lot of what made me enjoy it is not in my memory.

I know for one thing that I liked the hobbling scene in the book just a bit more than in the movie. The whole rusty axe and losing a foot would cause such an extreme pain that I did actually cringe while reading that. I also really liked the scene with the young police officer coming to Annie’s house and what happens to him. I had not been expecting such a thing to happen but once it did it seemed absolutely perfect for the book.

Of course I loved Annie’s characters. I have a thing about crazy characters in books and Annie was definitely that. Now granted throughout the book I was envisioning her as Kathy Bates but even so I truly enjoyed her character, especially her extreme moods swings, violence and of course her over the top obsession with Paul Sheldon.

However I remember Paul’s character to be less appealing to me. I can’t exactly pinpoint why this was but I just didn’t care about him, in fact every little torture Annie threw at him had me jumping for joy. I wanted him to suffer, I wanted him to fail at pleasing her but most of all I wanted him to die in the end. Also all the parts where it was the excerpts from the books he was writing, Misery’s Return I think it was called, I found completely unappealing especially as they made a more steady appearance in the books latter half.

Overall I enjoyed the book and was glad to have finally had the chance to read what had inspired one of my favorite movies. Even though the details of it are foggy to me now I do know that it was a book that I had a hard time putting down for the most part. I’d certainly recommend this to anyone who hasn’t read it and those who enjoys horror.

The Movie:

I watched this movie years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. While the details faded over the years there was plenty I remembered. To make sure it was fresh in my mind to review I watched it again.

They could not have cast a better person for the role of Annie Wilkes than Kathy Bates. Seriously that woman can pull off crazy so well it’s scary.

I loved the Sheriff and his wife. The banter between them and just to see a loving old couple is just great. They may be on the older side bu the sheriff still had his wits about him and noticed things that the state police didn’t when it came to the car crash investigation. I was so sad when he was killed, he was the type of character that shouldn’t have been killed off but always inevitably is.

And the hobbling scene, that will stick with me forever, no matter how much time has gone by since watching the movie I will always remember that scene clearly as if I had just watched it. I remember being terrified the first time I had seen it but now it had a bit less of an impact on me watching it this time around. If nothing else that one scene truly makes the whole story a horror.

Overall I love this movie. I admit that after reading the book I wish a few scenes were different or included from it, namely the hobbling scene and the one with the young cop and the lawnmower, but I think it is a very good adaptation of this book.

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