Monday Progress Report #26

Reviews Posted Last Week:

What I did Last Week


Nothing. I was too busy to read, barely had time to sit down and when I did find time I was just too tired to focus on words on the page.


I got sucked into Mygrations, a show about a group of people following the wildebeest on their annual migration. The show was good for the most part but it was like the bastard child of Survivor and a nature documentary, as it had all the drama of Survivor but all the beautiful scenery and some knowledge of the documentary. I also ended up watching the first two episodes of the second season of Zoo. I’m not fully into it yet, but I’m hoping things will start to pick up more and it will be as good as the first season was.

It was the boys pick for Family Movie Night and he choice Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla. This movie was as bad and cheesy as I expected it to be and that’s half the fun of the Godzilla movies.


It was a very busy week. After doing a mountain if post vacation laundry, I got busy in the kitchen. I do a bit of baking on the side to make a bit of money, and I got a whole lot of orders, so I was busy with that, but can’t complain since it’s money. On top of that I also did some baking for us, including some of the best buns I’ve ever tasted. The garden also kept me busy, as it was in desperate need of weeding after being gone a week. Add in some really nice weather and I was outside quite a bit simply enjoying it. Finally we gave the house a thorough top to bottom cleaning.

What I Plan To Do This Week


No idea what I will read this week. I’m hoping that I have time to do some. I really miss reading, but I know the summer is my worse time for reading as I’m busy enjoying the outdoors and getting things done that will be impossible to do come winter.


I know for sure I will be watching the next episode of Zoo, but beyond that, not sure how much TV I will be watching.


The in-laws are visiting for a couple days, so that will be interesting as they haven’t come up here in four years. Besides that, I’ll be continuing to enjoy the summer weather, tending to the garden and doing whatever else I feel like.

I will also be dedicating a bunch of time this week to the blog. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t given it the proper attention that it deserves. I have some reviews I need to finish writing up so I can get them scheduled and then some other general work on it that needs to be done.

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