Monday Progress Report #31

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What I did Last Week


I knocked out a few more chapters from Stormrage, however, I didn’t give myself as much reading time as I needed to really put a dent in what’s left of this book.


For Bad Monday Movie, we ended up watching Lilo & Stitch. I had seen this movie before and didn’t like it, but this was the first time the boys had seen it. In the end, we all agreed it was a bad movie. Over the week we watched a number of episodes of The Simpsons, though the boys tend to watch it more than I do. For Family Movie Night we ended up watching Strange Magic, which was…well strange. I figured a movie by George Lucas would be good, but it was okay/almost bad. It was certainly not what I expected from the man who made Indiana Jones and Star Wars. We also watched the first two episodes of Bleach, because we wanted to see the origin of Leek Spin (if you haven’t experienced Leek Spin before then click the link), and it was such a tiny thing in the second episode that led to this internet phenomenon. Last up, we knocked out a few more episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


My time was equally divided this week between the garden, the kitchen and Star Wars: The Old Republic. In a week I harvested beans three times, peas once and pulled up the last of the potatoes. I also ended up canning all the beans, and happy to have 16 jars of beans already in the first week of harvesting. Should have quite a bit by the time the garden is done. On top of that there was all kinds of baking and meal prep happening, but it’s nice to know that the freezer is filling up for easy meals come winter. So when I wasn’t in the garden or the kitchen, I decided to play my favorite video game, because I was too tired to read, and sometimes mindless killing in video games is just what I need to do.

What I Plan To Do This Week


For the millionth time in a row, I will be working on finishing up Stormrage. This book is the bane of my existence right now, but I am determined to finish it. I just need plenty of time, and motivation, to get it done.


I need to catch up on Zoo this week. I haven’t yet seen last week’s episode and then there will be the new episode this week as well. On top of that, I want to catch up on Deadliest catch. There will of course be more Star Wars: The Clone Wars and likely some episodes of The Simpsons as well. Not sure what we will be watching for Bad Movie Monday or Family Movie Night yet.


I foresee more harvesting and canning for me this week. At the rate the plants are producing, I will be picking, and then canning, green beans every few days. But that’s okay, because it means we will be eating good come winter. I have some more baking planned for the week as well, namely pizza pockets for the freezer and probably a few loaves of bread as well.

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