Review: Endgame by Ann Aguirre

have a love hate relationship with final books in series. I tend to look forward to them to see how everything gets wrapped up. I also hate them because it not only means that the series is over with but it also sometimes is done so poorly that I want to yell at the author. So because of this I tend to approach final books with a bit of caution.

Endgame was a fairly decent final book. It certainly brought a lot of things to an end, especially Sirantha’s promise to help Loras and his La’heng people in gaining their freedom. In a way, this book kind of reminded me a lot of Doubleblind, where Sirantha spent pretty much the entire book on Ithiss-Tor, while this book was entirely on La’heng. However, instead of a lot of diplomatic meetings, this book was filled with a good amount of action as the war on La’heng ramped up.

It was certainly interesting to see how the people of La’heng began to take back their lives and then their planet. As the war escalated it certain drew in my attention quite a bit more. But I have to say that even this increase in action didn’t really draw me fully into the book. I did enjoy see Loras grow as a character and Sirantha helping him along the way, but it just wasn’t the fantastic book I was hoping for.

One thing I did miss in this book was the presence of Dina and Hit. I really enjoyed those two characters in the previous novels, and their absence was definitely noted in this book. Even so, I did enjoy the book to a certain extent, I just wish it could have been a bit better.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, and really enjoyed this series. Those who enjoy science fiction will likely enjoy this series as well. I would recommend this series to anyone who wants a well written, unique science fiction series to read. I will likely be checking out some of the other series by this author in the future.

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