TBR update – How much have I read?

There was a time when I would read books as fast as I bought, sometimes even faster. This was many years ago when a TBR didn’t exist to me because I devoured books so quickly. Then I began to follow that dangerous and alluring reader path that pits TBR against reader – and the TBR more often than not wins. It’s the point when a reader buys books in vast quantities knowing they likely will never read them all, but they swear that they will one day. While I did go through that suffocating stage of feeling like my TBR would forever win, I have crawled my way toward the top. Victory isn’t quite mine, but this TBR update will show you just how close I am.

If you will remember, back when I first shared my enormous TBR, I showed my shelves in three stages. As is, once the unread books were removed and the pile of unread books on the floor. This helps to put into perspective just how many or few books I have read. I will stick with that same format for this TBR update.

TBR Update

Much has changed over the last year. My TBR has shrunk by a significant amount and I am truly pleased with my progress. I used to think that it would take me forever to get through all of these books, but now I can see myself finishing my current TBR soon. But enough talking about it, the best way to explain my progress is to actually show you!

The read and reference shelf

As the name suggests, this shelf houses a lot of my read books and many reference books as well. Because this is mostly a read shelf, this shelf gains books instead of loses them. It may seem like a bad thing, but every book that gets added to this shelf means that another shelf has had its burden removed. Now, let’s see what this shelf looks like.

TBR update - My one shelf of books, mostly read.
The shelf before all the unread books are removed.
TBR update - A shelf once the unread books have been removed.
After the unread books were removed.
TBR update - A pile of unread books.
Not too many unread books on this shelf.

This shelf isn’t too bad. The unread pile can be broken down into thirds. A third of the unread books are part of my active TBR, which I will be working through in the next month or two. Another third is reference books I haven’t gotten to yet. The last third is a series I have been meaning to read for a while, the Camulod Chronicles plus a few Warcraft comics. I will eventually read all of these.

The manga shelf

Why yes, I do have an entire bookshelf dedicated to manga. It used to be just a couple of shelves worth, but now my collection spans one entire bookshelf.

TBR update - My manga shelf.
The manga shelf with all of the books on it.
TBR update - The manga shelf with unread books removed.
After all the unread manga were removed.
Just a few unread manga to be seen.

Luckily for this shelf, I have read nearly all of them. In fact, the unread pile would have been even smaller, but I recently bought the entire Kimi ni Todoke series and that bumped up the unread numbers a bit. I predict that in a month or two all of the books on this shelf will be read.

The fantasy shelf

As you might have guessed, this shelf predominately holds novels from the fantasy genre. There are a few other genres mixed in, but they are few and far between. Fantasy has been one of my favorite genres to read over the years, so it comes as no surprise that I should own so many fantasy books.

Lots of fantasy novels to be seen. But how many have I read?
And just like that, nearly all the books were gone.
Unread pile number 1.
Unread pile number 2.

Yup, it’s mostly unread. Obviously, I have some work to do with this one. However, I am looking forward to reading every single one of these books, so I don’t think it will remain this way for long.

The Star Wars shelf

By far the most neglected of the shelves over this past year. In fact, absolutely nothing has changed! But let’s show it off anyway.

Star Wars book shelf
All of the Star Wars books from the Expanded Universe.
Not many Star Wars books remain.
The many unread Star Wars books.

As I said, nothing has changed with this shelf from where it was a year ago. I do want to read them all, but I have been focusing on my other shelves. Plus, I didn’t want to mix reading canon Star Wars with Expanded Universe Star Wars. So, they need to wait until I’m fully done with the canon books – which will happen soon!

But where did the other shelf go?

Some of you may have noticed that a shelf is missing. The shelf that used to be my read shelf is no longer in the equation. What happened? Well, the simple answer is, that I read enough books in the past year to shift those books onto my four remaining shelves. Now that shelf houses all of my husband’s university texts and a few other of his books.

All in all, I am quite pleased with how much I have gotten through in the last year. I still have a ways to go, but it won’t be long before all of these books have been read.

How is your TBR doing? Have you made a dent in it or added books to it?


  1. Wow, you’ve put a big dent in your TBR. I like how you’ve sorted your books. I’ve been slacking on my reading lately, but I’m hoping to get back into soon. Good luck with the rest of your TBR.

    1. I have! I still am surprised but really excited about my progress on my TBR. Fingers crossed you can find more reading time soon. Thanks.

  2. Wow this kind of organisation is something I need! You definitely put me to shame in terms of how many books you’ve gotten through!

    1. If only everything I did was this organized, haha. No shame in reading less than I do, I have a lot of free time on my hands, so a lot of it is spent reading.

  3. Congrats on reading enough to be able to drop an entire shelf, that’s amazing! You’re making me feel very inspired to really tackle my TBR next year… I wonder if one day I too can feel like I’m making progress. Great post – and good luck!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad I could inspire you. I do hope you give it a try, you will be surprised how quickly that TBR shrinks when you focus on it.

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