Book & Movie Review: World War Z

The Book

I will admit that I had been avoiding this book, and just about every other book about zombies, as much as I could. I felt that zombie were being overdone and soon would become like vampires and werewolves, seen everywhere, put in everything and end up ruining a lot of books because of them. However, it seemed that every time I turned around this book was there, and there were so many positive reviews on it that I finally broke down and picked up a copy. Though admittedly I wasn’t expecting to like it at all.

Once I started reading this book I was quickly shown the error of my ways by judging this book prematurely. This book turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable. I liked how it was written, consisting of the various personal accounts of a number of survivors of the zombie plague. These accounts ranged from the doctor who first encountered patient zero, the person thought to be responsible for the plague itself, to soldiers who fought the zombies and saw how ineffective most of their weapons were, to regular individuals who were just trying to escape and survive as long as possible. Through these accounts the reader gets to see not only how the zombie virus spread, mostly thanks to international travel, but it also showed the extreme conditions people went through to survive.

The ending stood out to me in the sense that the conflict with the zombies wasn’t over. After everything that had happened, humans being nearly wiped out, finding their strength again and fighting back to remove the zombies from the earth there are still large pockets of zombie infested world. I was actually very satisfied with this ending, since had they suddenly just wiped them all out with little issue it wouldn’t have felt wrong. Reading that, yes they were making progress, that cities, states and even some countries had pushed back the zombies complete was good, but knowing that it would take many more years to completely rid the Earth of zombies meant that while the book had come closure that the true end was far in the future.

While this novel is classified as horror I didn’t feel scared while reading it. I can certainly understand where that genre classification came from, even if to me I did not feel the horror vibe. There were a number of aspects within the story that could be considered horror and I am sure that there are others that see this book as a true horror.

Though I enjoyed book I do not see myself rushing out to read more zombie stories. I may read more in the future but I will make no huge effort to acquire any and all that I can get my hands on. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys horror stories as well as fans of anything zombie.

The Movie

Honestly I didn’t think this movie would be any good. Yes, I was judging it prematurely just like I had the book, however, based upon the trailers that I saw I just didn’t see how it had anything to do with the book. As far as I was concerned the only connection between the book and the movie were the presence of zombies. Plus I also didn’t see how they could translate the accounts of survivors into an action packed movie.

However, I was proved wrong once more. While this movie didn’t follow the general flow of events in the book, it did do a good job of showing the quick rate at which the zombie plague spread. It showed how unprepared people and governments were for such a crisis, including losing key officials to the plague. It showed the chaos that happened as zombies took over city after city, how those who were trying to survive were nearly as big of an enemy to other survivors as the zombies were.

It showed how international travel and delayed responses from the CDC and WHO allowed this disease to spread among patients and countries and by the time anything could be done the world was too overwhelmed to truly react. Not only that but some of the facilities, one in WHO facility in particular was shown in the movie, were also infected by zombies and there was little they could do because of their infected colleagues. However this part actually proved to be vital in the fight against the zombies as they avoided anyone who was suffering from a terminal illness. This part also varied from the book, at least I could not remember any part where using deadly diseases on the survivors to allow them to walk among the zombies unharmed happening.

Even with the changes made in the storyline, which is inevitable in movie adaptations, this was an enjoyable movie. My one issue with it, outside of these minor changes, was that the 3D version was less than appealing at parts. There are times when so many zombies and people are running on the screen that the 3D actually becomes almost overwhelming, your yes can’t focus on anything and it’s like a sensory overload at these times. However the remainder of the movie was very well done and the 3D did help to accentuate certain scenes. Whether you watch the regular version or the 3D version this movie should appeal to those zombie lovers, horror movie enthusiast and those who read the book and are wondering just how it translated onto the big screen.

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