August 2021 garden – harvest begins

As August comes to an end, this means the garden is hitting its peak. The plants have hit maturity and many are producing enough to start harvesting. Of course, August came with its own set of challenges, much like in July. We once again dealt with many days of hot weather, which is very unusual for here. The weeds have also started to take over, as I have been limiting my garden time because of the heat – high temperatures and I do not get along. Despite all this, I am still happy with how the garden has been doing for the most part. So, without further ago, let’s get to the August 2021 garden update.

August 2021 garden update

What’s growing well

As always, the beans are the stars of the garden. Heat or cold, dry or wet, these plants seem to thrive no matter the conditions. In fact, they went from barely having any beans on them to being overloaded practically overnight. I have already got one large harvest out of them and I can see another one coming very soon. I am very pleased with how well these plants have done and that is why I commit so much space in the garden to them.

The carrots in one bed are doing really well. Or, at least it appears to be. Root crops can be difficult to judge based upon what you can see, but generally speaking, nice large healthy tops lead to good-sized carrots. It will be another month before they are ready to be picked.

The snap peas that are growing up along the fence had me worried for a while. The plants were stunted and didn’t look like they would produce anything. This month they came to life, and while the plants are still quite thin compared to previous years, we have a steady supply of snap peas to harvest every few days which makes a great snack.

What’s struggling

I feel like the vast majority of the garden falls into this category. August saw another heatwave that hit a lot of the plants hard. Since I tend to grow a lot of cool weather crops, as we are usually cool during the summers, many of these plants have truly struggled to establish themselves.

As far as the broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts go, I do not see us getting anything harvestable out of them. While this is a disappointment as last year we had quite the harvest, the plants have not been a complete waste of space. The leaves are being regularly harvested and fed to our pet rabbit.

The onions are doing okay, though far smaller than they would be by this point. I don’t know if it’s from the heat or the dry spell we had. There will be a harvest in the end, but it will not be very large.

One bed of carrots is truly struggling. It was planted on the same day as the other bed but looks like I planted it only a couple of weeks ago. I still have no idea why it is doing so poorly. It gets the same amount of sun and water as the other bed and had compost added in the spring. I doubt anything viable will come out of it but it’s too late in the year to pull up what little there is and plant something else.

The remainder of the plants, which is a few flowers, some chocolate mint, and one small potato plant has been doing alright. Many of them came close to dying off from the heat but appear to be bouncing back again. I was really excited to see the dwarf sunflowers finally open. This was especially true for the ones that got hit by insects early on and I didn’t think they would survive, but they fully came back and are now showing off their big flowers.

Despite generally loving warmer weather, the tomatoes have not done very well. I did plant the seeds a bit late but was hoping they would take off as the weather got warmer. The plants remained stunted and so far only one of the cherry tomatoes plants has produced a single tomato. I am eagerly awaiting it to ripen.

The basil has also been doing alright. I have managed a few small pickings to use fresh in cooking but I do not see a large harvest happening. I am happy to get whatever I can off the plants.

What’s finished

While the rest of the garden has done alright given the conditions, there are a couple of plants that gave up. The lettuce, which had really struggled since the early June heat stopped growing and has bolted. I had planned to plant more this month but didn’t bother once I saw the hot weather in the forecast – that may be something I do in September.

The radishes also finally bit the bullet. At least my husband had harvested most of them before they died off. What was left were the small straggly ones that had been too small to harvest. The heat likely finished them off. I may plant another batch of them soon so that we can have one final harvest in the fall.

The front flower garden

This is the garden I plant and then generally ignore the rest of the year. I may pick weeds once or twice but usually, I don’t bother too much. These flowers have done pretty well in the heat and dry conditions, especially since I never went out of my way to water them when we weren’t getting any rain.

I did manage to harvest some of the chocolate mint from here, as the main plant had grown a ton and was getting a bit too big. All in all, for a forgotten about space, it has done quite well.

I hope you enjoyed my August 2021 garden update. What is growing in your garden this month?


  1. Overall this looks like a success! I think it’s wonderful to have these garden treasures available to you and the space to do all this — I am in awe!

    1. Thank you. I do love my little garden, though I would love to expand it in the future so I can grow even more. I hope this inspires you to try and make your own garden space.

  2. Wow looks awesome! My tomatoes, cucumbers, and courgettes are still going strong. The peas are done though.

    1. Thank you. I’m happy to hear parts of your garden are still going strong.

  3. Your garden looks beautiful! I got tomato blight for the second year in a row, although I planted them in a different spot this time. I noticed my neighbouring plots at the allotment have the same problem. If you know a trick to get rid of it, please let me know! But my Borlotti beans look great, so does the onion and garlic. I just made apricot jam and kind of lost the courgettes to the slugs or whatever bugs are crawling there! But the beetroot is nice and still growing!

    1. Thank you. Oh no, blight is such a hard issue to deal with. I’ve had it in the past and have really struggled to fight it off. I don’t have any specific help for you on that one, other than do some research and try all of the options available. Sometimes one solution doesn’t work and another one will. Also, make sure you aren’t planting them in the same area as that can help the blight stick around. For the courgettes it could be vine borer that is getting them.

  4. Hooray for rabbits eating garden leftovers. We feed our garden scraps to the chickens. Love the dwarf sunflowers. I’ll have to try those. Thanks for your August garden report!

    1. Ha ha yes, it’s the one time it’s good to have a rabbit eating the garden. I hope to have chickens one day and then all my garden scraps will go to them. I hope you do try the dwarf sunflowers, they did amazing for their first tiry here and quite a few of them produced multiple heads.

  5. Your garden is just beautiful.

    1. Thank you.

  6. Your garden looks so beautiful! The heatwave was crazy this year so I saw a lot of people’s gardens not do too well. Glad to see you got to harvest some things! Thanks for sharing, Sarah x

    Lynn |

    1. Thank you. Yes, the heatwave did a number on so many gardens and even nature for that matter. I am happy with what I have gotten out of it, it’s better than nothing.

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