September is the final month of gardening. This is the month of cooler temperatures, first frosts, and on occasion, first snows. The plants are generally killed by frosts or damaged by pests and very little harvest occurs. This September was quite a bit different than most. Let’s see what is happening in the September 2023 garden. Last year, very little was growing in the garden by the end of September. However, this year it’s an entirely different story. Nearly everything is alive and still producing. The plants have slowed down, but I am shocked to see tomatoes still on the vine, despite having a fewRead More →

August is a big month for the garden. It’s when most plants hit their height of production. So much of the garden has changed since my July update. This month has had its ups and downs. There were plenty of plants pushing out fruit, which has been long awaited. However, Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve in the form of a big windstorm and then two nights of near and at freezing temperatures. This forced me to do a major early harvest of the garden. Let’s see what else is going on with this August 2023 Garden Update. August 2023 Garden UpdateRead More →

July is the month when a lot of growth happens in the garden. With the rain finally hitting, the plants have taken off and some have started to produce. It’s time for my July 2023 garden update to see how things are growing and how the garden has improved since my June update. July 2023 Garden Update The Main Garden The biggest part of my garden and the area that grows the most variety, plus has the best growing conditions. In the inground section, my Roma tomatoes are doing alright. The plants have grown quite a bit and many have already started to produce fruit.Read More →

June finally ushers in the gardening season here in Northern Ontario. The weather is now warm enough at night to safely plant everything outside. This month certainly had its struggles, especially when it came to the weather. After an unusually hot May, we cooled down again and many nights we were dipping to near freezing. It delayed planting a bit, as many plants needed to continue to be brought in at night. On top of this, it was incredibly dry all month long. In fact, we didn’t get any rain until the end of the month, which really slowed down the growth of the garden.Read More →

September has come and come and that means it’s the end of the gardening season in Northern Ontario. This year has been a strange one for the garden, as the weather has been all over the place and an invasion of pests created even more problems. Even so, there were successes to be found. As the weather cools, the final bits of gardening happen and then the focus shifts to cleaning things up and preparing the area for next year. There’s not much to see in the September 2022 garden, but it does give an opportunity to evaluate how things went over the course ofRead More →

August is practically over and that means we are nearly in the final month of the garden season. This is the month when the true potential of the garden can be seen, as the plants will reach maturity and even begin to produce a bit. This month has been a struggle for the garden. We’ve had a mix of cool and hot weather, along with bought of dry weather and days upon days of heavy rain. Pests have been a major issue in the garden this month as well, something I don’t normally see until September as things wind down. Despite all this, I amRead More →

July is the month when the garden starts to truly take off. Everything has been planted by now and the plants are working hard to establish themselves. The month has been a fairly good one for the garden. The weather started out on the warm side, however, it quickly reverted back to the usual cool weather. It’s a good thing I focus a lot of my growing effort on cool-weather crops. However, these cooler temperatures are not ideal for tomatoes and peppers. There was also quite a bit of rain over the month, which is generally a good thing, however, it certainly helped the weedsRead More →

The garden season has officially arrived in Northern Ontario and I am super excited. While I did start many plants ahead of time, planting as early as late March. Doing this, allows me to plant good-sized seedlings as soon as the threat of frost has passed – which is generally mid-June. Several plants will also be directly sown during the month, as they don’t need that head start. Now that June has come and gone, it’s time to share how the June 2022 garden is looking and what changes were made this year. This year has a lot of new features to the garden. ARead More →

September signifies the end of the growing season – at least it does where I live. This is the month where the final harvest occurs and the first frosts hit. This year was no exception to this, as on the first of the month we experienced a dip in nighttime temperatures that hit near-freezing. The scramble to harvest what remained of the garden hit that day. This is also the time to make sure to clean and properly store your garden tools. Without further ado, here is my September 2021 garden update. September 2021 garden update What’s growing At this point, not much is left.Read More →

As August comes to an end, this means the garden is hitting its peak. The plants have hit maturity and many are producing enough to start harvesting. Of course, August came with its own set of challenges, much like in July. We once again dealt with many days of hot weather, which is very unusual for here. The weeds have also started to take over, as I have been limiting my garden time because of the heat – high temperatures and I do not get along. Despite all this, I am still happy with how the garden has been doing for the most part. So,Read More →