September 2021 garden update – the season ends

September signifies the end of the growing season – at least it does where I live. This is the month where the final harvest occurs and the first frosts hit. This year was no exception to this, as on the first of the month we experienced a dip in nighttime temperatures that hit near-freezing. The scramble to harvest what remained of the garden hit that day. This is also the time to make sure to clean and properly store your garden tools. Without further ado, here is my September 2021 garden update.

September 2021 garden update

What’s growing

At this point, not much is left. While there are plenty of plants remaining in the garden at this point, they have reached the point where they are no longer producing. A few plants are still holding on, despite being hit by a number of frosts over the month. These plants mostly consist of sunflowers, snapdragons, and all of the brassica plants- such as cabbage.

Normally, once the plants stop producing I pull them and toss them into a pile to compost. However, this year I have decided to leave them where they are so they can break down and feed the soil automatically.

One plant that remains is the potatoes. By now, I should have harvested them. But, since there was only a single plant, I somewhat forgot about it. There has been quite a bit of rain lately, so that’s not ideal for harvesting them. I do plan to pull them up in the near future to see how much that single plant produced.

How the harvest went

Though a lot of harvesting happened in the latter half of August, a few things remained to pick. With a sudden shift in weather on the first of the month, with near-freezing nighttime temperatures, it was a scramble to harvest everything in case of frost. The beans and peas were slowing down at this point, but I was able to get a small picking of each.

The cabbage, brussel sprouts, and broccoli were a pretty big letdown this year. The plants grow decently large, though were stunted during the summer heatwave and drought. I was able to harvest plenty of leaves to feed our rabbit. However, as an actual harvest, it was completely lacking. The cabbages never formed any heads, the brussel sprouts did nothing and of all the broccoli plants, I got only a single small bite-sized broccoli head.

The onions produced a decent-sized harvest. While the onions themselves were not as big as in previous years, we don’t use a ton of onions, so it worked out well. What we got will likely equal a year’s worth of onions for our family. This year we decided to chop and freeze them as it was wet when they were harvested, which means the onions would not have stores well.

Despite growing a number of tomato plants and finally having a warm summer, the plants didn’t do well. I don’t know if it’s because they ere started a bit late, or because of the dry conditions, but they never really took off. I did manage to get 3 very small tomatoes. I had to pick them green but they are currently sitting on the counter slowly ripening.

Overall, the garden was a bit lackluster this year. While a few plants, such as the beans did amazing, the rest of it struggled right from the beginning and never really recovered.

I hope you enjoyed my September 2021 garden update. What is growing in your garden?


  1. I unbelievably still have tomatoes on the plants! Outside! Everything else is done though now. Just the weeding and pruning to do.

    1. That’s fantastic that your tomatoes are still going strong. End of the season weeding is something I need to do as well.

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