July 2023 Garden Update – what’s growing?

July is the month when a lot of growth happens in the garden. With the rain finally hitting, the plants have taken off and some have started to produce. It’s time for my July 2023 garden update to see how things are growing and how the garden has improved since my June update.

July 2023 Garden Update

The Main Garden

The biggest part of my garden and the area that grows the most variety, plus has the best growing conditions.

In the inground section, my Roma tomatoes are doing alright. The plants have grown quite a bit and many have already started to produce fruit. I have been regularly pruning them to keep early blight at bay.

The pink ponderosa tomatoes have grown a ton in the last month. However, they have set very little fruit, which is a disappointment.

The Cherokee Purple tomatoes have come on strong in the last week or two. I initially thought they wouldn’t produce any fruit but recently many tomatoes have started to form and I can’t wait for them to ripen so I can try them.

Finally, the Tiny Tim tomatoes are doing fantastic. They are loaded with fruit that is steadily ripening. These are one of my favorite varieties of tomatoes to grow because they are so prolific.

My corn experiment is doing well. It has grown quite a lot in the last month and it leaves me hopeful that we will get some corn this year.

The potatoes look great. They have also begun to flower, something I have never had any previous potato plants do. I hope this is a sign of a good harvest in the fall.

The zucchini in this area is doing amazing. There are at least 10 small zucchini forming on the plants and I look forward to harvesting them.

The hanging baskets have done well, producing plenty of Swiss chard, lettuce, and spinach. I have since pulled the old spinach and planted new seeds.

Lastly, we have my purple peppers. Considering we’ve been on the cooler side, these plants have done well. They do have a number of small peppers on the plants and I’m hopeful that in the coming weeks, I will have a nice harvest of them.

Harvest-wise, I have been regularly harvesting plenty of greens along with herbs. My dehydrator has been running a lot lately drying tons of parsley and some basil.

Plague’s Patch

This area is doing pretty well. The daisies have really taken off this year, producing tons of flowers that the pollinators are enjoying.

The beans and peas are growing decently. I will say the plants look small for this time of the year, but I think they will do well next month and should produce a good amount.

The dill and zucchini plants in this second have grown a bit this month. However, the zucchini still hasn’t produced any fruit, despite producing quite a few flowers.

New Raised Beds

New garden spaces can be hit or miss. The soil isn’t optimal for cooking quite yet, but I have to say, for the most part, these are doing well.

The cabbages, while hit by some insect damage early on, are doing decent. A few will likely not produce heads but there are a couple that are just starting to have their leaves curl in – the beginning of a head.

The broccoli was also hit by insects, and some bolted early. However, there are a few plants that have grown well and should be forming some broccoli florets in the coming weeks as long as we don’t get too much hot weather.

The spinach did well, however, as the end of the month approached, the plants bolted. I made sure to pull those plants and have since planted more spinach seeds.

My watermelon experiment isn’t going all that well. The plants looked healthy last month, however, since then they have started struggling. I believe they have squash leaf curl virus.

Lastly, the lettuce bed has done well. In the last week, some of the plants have started to peter out. I will be pulling them and planting some new ones soon to keep us in lettuce.

I hope you enjoyed my July 2023 Garden Update. What’s growing in your garden?


  1. Your garden looks beautiful. I’ve been very interested in growing but I don’t have a backyard. Might get a hydroponic system.

    1. Author

      Thank you. Going with a hydroponic system sounds like a great way to garden when you don’t have much space to work with. I’d love to try hydroponics one day.

  2. Looking good, such an organized garden. I was discouraged this montha s some night time marauder ate my potted plants just as they were about to bloom 😢

    And then in my hoophouse I have something snipping off my beans and peas and now my peppers, probably a vole.

    1. Author

      Thank you. Oh, that’s unfortunate you have a something getting parts of your garden. I hope you are able to find the culprit and deal with it before too much more damage is done.

  3. You’re garden looks great! Narrow raised beds are the best – I had them at my old house. The place I have now has huge beds and they are much harder to maintain.

    1. Author

      Thank you! Yes, it’s gotta be narrow beds. the ones along the fence are almost too wide but it only really is a problem during planting. Hopefully, the large beds will be easier maintain as time goes on.

  4. Congrats! You absolutely have a green thumb! I wish my garden looked like yours 🙂

    I’ll take lots of inspiration from this post!

    1. Author

      Thank you! It’s many years of trial and error that has got me to this point. Keep working at yours and you will get to this point after some time.

  5. Your garden is coming along wonderfully. You’ll have some delicious tomatoes very soon! My parents planted tomatoes this year and finally picked two yesterday.

    1. Author

      Thank you. I have had a couple of small tomatoes recently and they were fantastic. That’s great to hear your parents are starting to get tomatoes. Nothing beats garden fresh tomatoes.

  6. Your garden looks great! I have a corn patch going this summer, too! Still waiting to see if we get any corn 😉 I love the idea of putting lettuce in hanging baskets.

    1. Author

      Thank you! That’s so exciting you also have corn growing. Fingers crossed we both get a good corn harvest soon. The lettuce hanging baskets work so well. They are easy to harvest and allow me to move them to shady spots on hotter days.

  7. Your garden is amazing! I love how much variety you have. I will definitely be checking in next month to see how your garden is doing! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I try to do a big mix of plants and varieties. I will certainly be sharing monthly updates of the garden as long as things are growing.

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