September 2023 Garden Update – What’s growing?

September is the final month of gardening. This is the month of cooler temperatures, first frosts, and on occasion, first snows. The plants are generally killed by frosts or damaged by pests and very little harvest occurs. This September was quite a bit different than most. Let’s see what is happening in the September 2023 garden. Last year, very little was growing in the garden by the end of September. However, this year it’s an entirely different story. Nearly everything is alive and still producing. The plants have slowed down, but I am shocked to see tomatoes still on the vine, despite having a few frosts during the middle of the month.

September 2023 Garden Update

The Main Garden

Of all the areas of the garden I expected to be done with it was this space. Nothing growing here is frost tolerant and yet despite being hit by frost 3 times, the plants are still going strong. The Roma tomatoes are actually flowering again and have quite a few tomatoes on them that I am waiting as long as possible before harvesting. These plants have truly outdone themselves this year.

The cherry tomatoes are starting to die off and yet continue to be covered with an abundance of tomatoes. I have been getting small harvests from these plants every couple of days.

The Pink Ponderosa tomatoes have also continued to put on tomatoes. These tomatoes are smaller than I expected them to be but have a great taste.

The Cherokee Purple Tomatoes also have fruit on them and should be harvested in the coming days or weeks – depending on the weather.

My corn experiment had some success. I was able to harvest 4 small cobs from the two patches. While I was hoping to get more from it, I’m happy with what I got as it proves I can grow corn here.

The zucchini are just about done. the plants are looking rough but have a couple of small zucchini on them that may or may not be harvestable soon.

I pulled the potatoes mid-month and managed to get 7 1/2 pounds of potatoes. Not bad for having only 6 plants.

The peppers are done though I did pull a couple of small fruit from them this month. I’m still surprised that they produced anything and look forward to trying them again next year.

Lastly, the sunflowers have decided to finally bloom in earnest. A few still don’t have any flower heads but most of them are now flowering and look beautiful.

As the month progressed, I noticed a large number of volunteer plants popping up. These mostly consist of nasturium and malva flowers. Some of them have even put on flowers already. I’m really impressed at how quickly these plants grew considering I didn’t plant them.

Plagues Patch

Much like the main garden, this spot has been surprisingly resilient. The beans have slowed down quite a bit but are still producing small amounts that we have been enjoying.

The peas have started to die off in the last few days but produced a small amount during the month.

The Shasta Daisies have finished blooming and now they are busy producing seeds. I have gathered quite a few seeds from the plants.

New Raised Beds

The lettuce bed has started to bolt. While I initially considered pulling the plants a couple of weeks ago, I have decided to leave them be so I can save seeds from them.

The cabbages are still going strong. Only one is truly producing a head that we should be able to harvest soon. The rest are fairly stunted and haven’t grown much in the past month. However, they are still useful as rabbit food.

The broccoli has been done for a while, but I have left the plants for the bees to enjoy the flowers and potentially save seeds. These plants also serve as rabbit food.

I hope you enjoyed my September 2023 garden update. What’s growing in your garden?


  1. Your garden looks amazing!

    1. Author

      Thank you.

  2. 🤩 it’s cool you still have cabbages growing, it’s gotten too cold where I am at to keep growing.

    1. Author

      It’s unusual for them to still be growing at this point.

  3. Yeah, I still have lots of stuff still growing in my garden in NW Montana in October. There’s usually a frost by now, but everything is still growing. I usually have my carrots and potatoes out long before now, but they are still green.

    1. Author

      The weather seems to be odd for a lot of places, but I will never complain about a longer growing season.

  4. Great job! I had a lot of stuff come up late, especially peppers. Now I am struggling because I don’t have enough room for everything.

    1. Author

      Thank you. Not having enough garden room is rough.

  5. I have a small garden and I’m shocked that it’s still producing. My cucumber just keeps giving.

    1. Author

      That’s fantastic that your garden is still growing.

  6. This all looks amazing. Wish I had the patience for gardening! And how great that you can experiment and use the food as rabbit food if needed.

    1. Author

      Thank you. I hope you can garden one day, starting small is a good way to grow your skill and patience with it.

  7. Ahhh a garden update is such a cute idea! Your gardens are beautiful, thank you for sharing!

    1. Author

      Thank you.

  8. So fun to see what’s growing in your garden! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Author

      Thank you.

  9. Your garden looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Author

      Thank you.

  10. Your garden is beautiful! Im expanding my garden this year and cant wait! Potatoes are my new add on that I have never grown before!

    1. Author

      Thank you. That’s so exciting! I am tempted to expand my garden again this year, because you can never have enough garden space. Good luck with growing potatoes.

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