August 2023 Garden Update – what’s growing?

August is a big month for the garden. It’s when most plants hit their height of production. So much of the garden has changed since my July update. This month has had its ups and downs. There were plenty of plants pushing out fruit, which has been long awaited. However, Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve in the form of a big windstorm and then two nights of near and at freezing temperatures. This forced me to do a major early harvest of the garden. Let’s see what else is going on with this August 2023 Garden Update.

August 2023 Garden Update

The Main Garden

The main inground garden has been doing pretty well. This is filled with paste tomatoes and some herbs and bordered by sunflowers. The tomatoes have been doing okay. Some plants are producing quite a few, while others are freeloaders and not giving me a single tomato. I have done two harvests of these tomatoes and got quite a few from it.

The sunflowers are finally blooming. I didn’t think this would happen, since the plants were so small and growing so slowly, but it finally happened. I love sunflowers and it’s a joy to see them finally flower. The bees are also enjoying this new addition to the garden.

The star of the show this month is my Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Several of them have grown to a good size and I was excited to harvest them. Sadly, due to several cold nights, I had to harvest these tomatoes before they ripened on the vine but I am looking forward to seeing them turn purple indoors.

The Pink Ponderosa tomatoes have done alright. The plants got large and put on quite a few tomatoes, however, those tomatoes never got even close to the size they should have. Even so, the ones I have tried were delicious.

The bed of Tiny Tim tomatoes has been producing like crazy all month. I have been harvesting these nearly every day and it’s been great snacking on so many fresh tomatoes.

This bed of zucchini and Tiny Tim tomatoes has been doing well. I have harvested a number of zucchini from it.

The corn has been growing well and then got hit by a big windstorm as the month was winding down. That wind laid all the plants down. However, they have since mostly recovered and have put on tassels with a few starting to put out silks. I may get fresh corn from my garden after all.

The zucchini bed has done great. I’ve lost count of how many zucchini have been harvested.

The nasturtiums have grown so well and they have even attracted a hummingbird to the garden. I love seeing these flowers spread out across the garden and bring in the pollinators.

The potted plants are all but finished this month. I got a decent harvest of peppers, which is exciting since this is the first time I have successfully grown peppers. However, all these plants are not dying and will need to be pulled soon.

The watermelon bed was a big flop. The only thing that grew well in that bed was the nasturtiums but I’m still happy I tried to grow watermelon and will try it again next year.

Plague’s Patch

This area has been doing okay throughout the growing season. I finally managed to get two small harvests of green beans, so that’s exciting. However, compared to other years, the green beans have done pitifully. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to get anything from the garden, but when you are used to harvesting buckets at a time and then only end up with a couple of dinners worth it was a letdown.

The peas have been struggling, especially after a large windstorm knocked most of them down. There are a few pods forming, so I’m hoping there will be some to harvest soon.

The zucchini were looking promising and even started putting on some fruit. Then, out of nowhere, they got attacked by insects and the plants are looking really pitiful now. I will likely pull them really soon as I don’t see them producing anything in the remaining weeks of the season.

New Raised Beds

The small lettuce bed has mostly been neglected and forgotten about this month. Despite that, the lettuce is still going strong and I will have to make an effort to harvest and eat a bunch of lettuce over the next little bit.

The cabbage and broccoli beds haven’t done much this month. The few heads of broccoli that started to form bolted before I could even get around to harvesting them. However, the bees have really been enjoying all those extra flowers, so that’s a good thing.

The cabbage has been struggling. I still don’t see a single good-sized head among them – there are a few slightly bigger than golf balls so I don’t see a harvest coming anytime soon.

Because of some cold nights at the end of August, one of them dipping at freezing, I don’t foresee much happening in the garden in September but who knows? Perhaps the plans will surprise me and thrive for the last month of the growing season.

I hope you enjoyed my August 2023 Garden Update. What’s growing in your garden?


  1. The Cherokee Purple tomatoes look amazing! It seems like you are having a good time growing things and having a decent harvest. I hope one day I get to live somewhere with a garden that I can try my hand at growing things!

    1. Author

      Thanks. I’m really impressed with the Cherokee Purple tomatoes and can’t wait til they are ripe. Given how wonky this growing season has been, I’m happy with how my garden and harvest has been going. Fingers crossed you have space for a nice garden at some point. Until then, you can always do some container gardening.

  2. Wow, you have such an incredible garden! The sunflowers look amazing! I’m glad they ended up blooming. 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you. It’s nice to have them finally flower, its like they waiting til everything else started to wane before they took their time to shine.

  3. What a wonderful garden Sarah! Those sunflowers make me happy just looking at them. Have a great weekend!

    1. Author

      Thank you! I feel the same way looking at the sunflowers, they are such a great addition to the garden.

  4. Thanks for sharing your garden update! I love to see what’s growing right now!

    1. Author

      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing what’s growing.

  5. I’m *still* waiting for the one sunflower that survived in my garden to bloom! It’s just not started to form a small head…maybe by the end of the month I’ll have something! I tried cabbages for the first time this year; they grew, but out of the 3 I had only 1 was harvestable thanks to the bugs. After this year I’ve decided I’m going to get some hoops and cloth to keep all the cruciferous bugs away…they destroyed my kale and I didn’t get a single leaf of kale! 🙁 But my okra did well this year and we’re starting to get eggplants!

    1. Author

      Fingers crossed it flowers soon. Seems like sunflowers in a lot of peoples gardens are behind this year, I wonder why. Row covers is a good way to go. I haven’t used them yet, because usually we are fine for bugs but I think I will invest in some for next years garden. Glad to hear your okra did well along with your eggplants!

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