Create a back to school routine

As summer winds down, families need to prepare for back to school. It can be difficult for parents and children to transition from days spent sleeping in and having fun, to early morning and learning-filled days. Throughout the summer, you may have been busy tackling summertime boredom but now it’s time to start looking ahead to the coming school year. Getting ready ahead of time helps everyone make this switch easier. Setting up a back-to-school routine in the weeks before summer vacation ends will truly help. Make sure you set aside some time to set up this routine for your family.

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Create a successful back-to-school routine

Admittedly, your kids will likely not be happy about most of the back-to-school prep. They will still want to stay up late, play video games, and just enjoy the last bit of summer vacation. However, taking that little bit of time to get them back to school ready will pay off in those first few days of school.

Double-check your school supplies

Before the first day of school, you want to make sure that you have everything your child needs. By now, you have probably hit up the back-to-school sales. Whether your school provided a list of items needed or you are winging it, make sure they at least have the basics on hand. Pencils, paper, binders, lunch bag, and backpacks are all necessary. Don’t forget to make sure their shoes are in good condition and still fit. Most schools require two sets of shoes, one for indoors, and the other for outdoor use, so be sure you have both pairs ready to go.

If your child is doing at-home learning, their supply needs may be a bit different but the basic school stationery will likely be necessary for their day-to-day learning.

Practice school work

Summer is a great time to practice different school subjects. Whether it’s flashcards, workbooks or simply keeping a journal. All of these activities will get your kids better prepared for their first days of school.

Regular bedtimes

By far the most important step in creating a successful back-to-school routine is re-establishing a good sleep schedule. Many kids have been staying up later over the summer and are likely used to sleeping in. A week or two before school starts is the best time to shift back to their school-time sleep schedules. During the weekdays, have your kids go to bed at their regular bedtime. Make sure you set the alarm so that they can get used to waking up early as well. The point is the get them used to going to bed on time and waking up just as they would be it a school day.

Pack lunch the night before

School mornings can get hectic, especially in the first week. One way to limit the stress is to pack lunches the night before. Most lunches can be made ahead of time. A little bit of prep time the night before will save you the next morning. If you are feeling extra organized, you can prep all of the lunches and snacks for the week ahead. This way, you or your child merely need to grab those items and have lunch ready

Set out breakfast

While you are in the kitchen getting lunches ready, take a few extra minutes and set out all breakfast items. Grab that bowl, spoon, and cereal and set it on the table. If your child wants something like pancakes, toast, or eggs, then set the table and leave the cooking or reheating for the morning.

To make mornings go smoother, consider creating a morning routine for yourself and your kids. This will make those first few school mornings less chaotic.

Set out clothes

Another good practice to start is setting out their clothes before bedtime. The less they have to do in the morning, the better. Have them pick out their clothes and set it in a specific spot. This way, they can get dressed without spending time looking for the right shirt to wear.

By checking supplies and setting up a back-to-school routine ahead of time, you will make those first few days less of a struggle for both yourself and your child.


  1. Some of these tips I wish I would have done more of this summer especially since school starts tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your tips!

    1. Oh wow, they go back early! It always throws me off when kids go back to school in August.

  2. My three year old is starting junior kindergarten in a few weeks. Full day! I’ve been up at night worrying about it. Getting organized with lunches, clothes etc. ahead of time will at least reduce some of the worrying and stress. Now I need to get to work on the early bedtime. All great ideas, thanks! Good luck getting your son back into it too.

    1. At least you have a few weeks to work on your routine and get her ready. Early bedtimes are a must and starting now will get her ready for doing so regularly during the school year.

  3. Great tips! I don’t have a child but I think these look great and could even be applied to starting my Monday off on the right foot 😉

    1. Yes, you could definitely apply these tips to your own life. Anything to make Monday’s easier is a good thing.

  4. It’s always the back to school sleep routine that bites me in the fall. I’am pretty lax in the summertime when it comes to bedtimes and while I always mean to start invoking one before school star tree s, it’s always a touch to late haha. Great tips in this post for sure!

    1. It’s definitely the hardest part for us too. I’m not too lax during the summer, but I do let my son stay up a bit too late some nights.

  5. Getting back into a school day-friendly sleep routine is something I wish my grandparents had pushed on me before school started! I always remember feeling so exhausted the first week of school as my body adjusted to waking up so early.

    1. Yes, if you aren’t already used to waking up early that first week is hard.

    1. These tips can easily be applied year round.

  6. Awesome tips!! Back to school bed time is always so hard. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. Yes, I agree, back to school bedtime can be a challenge, but the earlier we start shifting them back to that routine the better.

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