Learning to cook after 30

Confession time. I didn’t learn how to cook when I was younger. In fact, learning to cook after 30 was something I hadn’t expected to do. But it doesn’t change the fact that this important skill was missing from my life. You may be wondering how I go to this point in my life and was still useless in the kitchen. It’s honestly amazing looking back now to think how long I went without knowing what to do in the kitchen. If I was hungry, I had to rely on things like sandwiches, microwaveable meals, or snacks. Clearly not an ideal situation. So I began to make the effort to learn and while it was a struggle at first, I am glad I took the time to learn. Now I can easily pass these skills on to my son.

You may be wondering how I managed to go so long without cooking. Let me explain and share how I went from being confused in the kitchen to being able to create my own recipes, like this paprika chicken.

Learning to cook after 30

When I moved out of my house to go to university I had never cooked a meal. To be honest, I couldn’t even boil water for noodles. My mother had always done the cooking in our house and I had never shown an interest in learning. Of course, my mother also did not try to teach me to cook. So in the end, we are both to blame for my initial cooking failures. Well, while my dad put together furniture in my apartment, my mother gave me a crash course in cooking. Over two days she taught me a couple of relatively easy recipes and then was gone. I still did not feel comfortable in the kitchen, so I turned to microwave meals and takeout. This continued to be the case for the next few years.

The odd time I did cook, it was a frantic affair. I distinctly remember one time calling my sister because I wanted an egg salad sandwich for lunch, but I have no idea how to make it. Having never boiled an egg before, I was stumped. So, after a good thirty minutes on the phone with her, I had my sandwich. Yes, she talked me through the whole thing from start to finish. It’s actually kind of embarrassing to look back at this now. But this also paints a picture of how bad off my cooking skills were.

When I met the man who would become my husband twelve years ago, I still didn’t know how to cook. Luckily, he loved to cook. When we moved in together, he did most of the cooking. I tried to help, but honestly, I was a bit of a hindrance. Over time, he encouraged me to learn some simple dishes. At first, if I had to use more than one pot, I got overwhelmed. He had to be there to help me and man the second pot when needed. However, focusing on easy recipes, like these cinnamon raisin scones, was a great way to learn.

Homemade pizza.

Finally, after years of trying, failing, and succeeding, I was learning to cook. Suddenly, my husband was coming home to dinner on the table, whereas before he would cook after working a full day. Once I mastered one recipe, I moved on to the next. They didn’t always work out, but I was trying.

Once I had mastered the basics of cooking, I set my sights higher. Cooking up boxed meals was easy, but cooking from scratch was a whole new game. Like before, I started with an easy recipe. I worked on one new from scratch recipe a month. Later on, I tried a new one each week. We quickly found recipes that we loved and I still make these items regularly today. Now, I make not only meals but snacks from scratch. Sure, they take time, and it would be easier to buy crackers from the store instead of making them. But I like knowing what goes into my food and more importantly, I enjoy making things.

The important thing to know is, that even if you have never cooked before, it is a skill you can pick up. Finding that starting point is the first step. The best way is to pick an easy recipe and go from there. Trust me, don’t try to learn how to cook a four-course meal when you can’t even boil water.

To share my cooking experiences with you, I will be regularly posting recipes. Some will be simple, while others will be more complicated. So, be sure to come back for a new recipe to try. You might just find something your family will love.

Easy recipes to try:

How old were you when you learned how to cook?


  1. Learning to cook was a bit of an adventure for me as well. I kind of like it now though! It’s fun to alter, change and create recipes that my family will love. Looking forward to seeing some of yours in the future!

    1. I definitely enjoy playing around with recipes now. There is almost always room for improvement, even when a recipe is great to begin with. Although when I started, I never, ever wavered from a recipe because I was too scared to.

  2. Firstly, you have a beautiful and supportive family. “Necessity is the mother of Invention,” this is so apt.
    I am very much into cooking, I just love it..Looking forward to your recipes. Followed…Subscribed.
    Lovely post:)

    1. Thank you, I’m very fortunate to have my family support me like they do. I will be sharing at least one recipe a month, so keep your eyes out for it. Thanks for following and subscribing.

  3. Absolutely! I will add it to the list of recipes that I need to post.

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