25 days of Christmas movies marathon

It’s December and you know what that means? It’s time for a Christmas movie marathon. Back in 2016, my family decided to start watching a Christmas movie every day from December 1st all the way to the 25th. Since then we have looked forward to this yearly Christmas tradition. It has been fun each year finding new movies to watch, though there are a few movies we watch every year. For example, we always watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on Christmas Eve. Not only does this 25-day-long movie marathon allow us to enjoy plenty of Christmas shows, getting us more into the Christmas mood, but it is also a great way to spend some time together each evening. 25 days of Christmas movies.

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25 days of Christmas movies marathon

The best part about this tradition is it’s relatively cheap to do. Chances are you already have a few Christmas movies in your house. Add in Netflix, YouTube, borrowing from friends or libraries, and renting them, and it all comes together.

But movies aren’t everything. To truly enjoy these hours spend in front of the TV, a few essentials are needed.

  • Blankets. Curling up under a pile of warm blankets is perfect for a movie.
  • Snacks. Whether it’s popcorn, chips, or homemade cookies, snacks really make the movie experience.
  • Christmas decorations. Not necessarily needed, but having your home decorated for the holidays can really improve the mood. Bonus points if they are homemade decorations.
  • Friends and family. While it’s okay to want to watch movies alone, make sure to gather your friends and family around you as well. Sharing this Christmas joy is all part of the holidays.

What to watch

This is likely the trickiest part of it all. There are plenty of Christmas movies out there to choose from. But that can be a problem in itself. Having too many choices can lead to not watching a movie because the options are overwhelming. Have no fear. I present to you a list of movies that would be perfect for your 25 days of Christmas movies marathon. These vary from full-length movies to shorts and cover a wide age range.

  1. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  2. It’s A Wonderful Life
  3. A Chipmunk Christmas
  4. Elf
  5. The Muppet’s Christmas Carol
  6. My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas
  7. Jingle All The Way
  8. Miracle On 34th Street (1947)
  9. Olive The Other Reindeer
  10. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
  11. The Santa Clause
  12. Frosty The Snowman
  13. A Garfield Christmas
  14. The Polar Express
  15. Diehard
  16. Shrek The Halls
  17. Arthur Christmas
  18. Prancer
  19. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  20. The Year Without Santa Claus
  21. Phineas & Ferb: A Very Perry Christmas
  22. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  23. I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown
  24. Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas
  25. He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special
  26. Beauty & The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
  27. Star Wars Holiday Special
  28. Home Alone
  29. Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story
  30. Return of Frosty The Snow Man
  31. The Grinch
  32. A Christmas Prince
  33. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  34. Christmas With The Kranks
  35. A Christmas Carol
  36. Jack Frost
  37. Mickey’s Christmas Carol
  38. A Christmas Story
  39. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  40. White Christmas
  41. Babes In Toyland
  42. Scrooged
  43. Love, Actually
  44. Tokyo Godfathers
  45. The Christmas Chronicles
  46. Christmas Ranch
  47. ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
  48. Santa Paws
  49. Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas
  50. Four Christmases

There you have it, plenty of movie choices to get you started with your very own 25 days of Christmas movies marathon. Are there any Christmas movies that you love to watch but aren’t listed here, let me know! I would love to add more movies to our watch list this year and for future years.


  1. This is a great idea! I also like to try and fit in the Christmas specials of all my favourite sitcoms during December 😊

    1. Ah yes, I sometimes hunt down the Christmas episodes of series I love as well.

    1. It can take some planning to get them all in, especially on those really busy days, but that’s why short ones like the original How The Grinch Stole Christmas are great.

  2. A Christmas Prince has a sequel out this year!

    Some of these are on our holiday watch list too. It’s a Wonderful Life is such a classic. My older just may be ready for Home Alone this year too. 🙂


    1. Oh nice, I didn’t know that. I actually haven’t seen A Christmas Prince yet. I’m not sure if I have ever seen It’s A Wonderful Life either, but I know my husband is insistent that we watch it this year.

  3. I LOVE the idea of this movie marathon! Home Alone always gets me in the festive spirit and Love, Actually is another Christmas fave! 🙂 xx

    1. It’s really fun, especially if you can find several new movies to watch each year. Confession, I’ve never seen Love Actually.

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