April 2020 Bokksu – Hanami Blossoms

Have you ever experienced cherry blossoms in Japan? Known for their beauty, bringing in viewers from all over the world, cherry blossom, or sakura season is a big event in Japan. But it’s not just about their visual appeal. Stores become filled with sakura souvenirs and more importantly sakura-flavored treats. The April 2020 Bokksu brought all of the flavors of sakura season with the Hanami Blossoms box. I was super excited to try this box as this would be my first taste of sakura.

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April 2020 Bokksu – Hanami Blossoms

Handmade Sakura Candy

Hard candy with just a hint of sakura flavor. These candies were the perfect evening treat while watching anime.

Sakura Chocolate Crepe

A light and airy crunch with that distinctive white chocolate flavor. The sakura flavor was fairly light but I felt went really well with the white chocolate. Though small, these crepes were a nice treat.

Koku cookie: Sakura Domyoji

This cookie didn’t stand out as something special. It had a nice crunch but there wasn’t much of a flavor.

Sakura Mochi

Mochi is one of my favorite treats. The sakura flavor wasn’t very strong but I loved the base mochi. A nice little chewy treat that can brighten your day.

Blanchul Mini Chocolate: Sakura Flavor

Flaky biscuits filled with sakura-flavored white chocolate, what’s not to like? These little cookies disappeared quickly as they were delicious and addictive. I also have to say that the packaging of this snack was downright gorgeous and it made me feel bad ripping it open.

Castella Cake: Azuki Flavor

This cake was so soft I felt like I was eating something that had been freshly made that day. The azuki flavor was light but complimented the cake perfectly. I do wish the slice was bigger or that there was more than one of this because it was so dang good!

Saki Waffle Shikoku No Wasanbon Sugar

Another favorite from this box. I have had a few different varieties of these waffles and this one was fantastic. The clusters of sugar found throughout gave it a nice crunch and added some extra sweetness to the waffle. I could have gone for a few more of these it was that good.

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Strawberry Daifuku Mochi

If I didn’t know any better and it wasn’t for the crunch, I would have sworn I was eating a strawberry. The flavor was perfect. I really enjoyed these. Mochi puffs are one of my favorite snacks and I am so glad Bokksu includes them most months.

Nata De Coco Peach Gummy

These small peach-flavored gummies really hit the spot. The peach flavoring was on the mild side but still strong enough to know what you were tasting.

Koikeya Minit’s Stick Potato: Suppa Mucho Plum

These were fantastic! They vaguely reminded me of dill pickle chips as they had the slight vinegar bite to them. After that initial taste of vinegar, the plum flavor made its appearance. I hadn’t expected to like these so much, but they were one of my favorite items this month.

Dondon Yaki: Kimchi

I had been worried that these would be spicy but it turns out these weren’t. The kimchi flavor was actually really good. In fact, this was my first experience with kimchi. These crunchy rice crackers were really great. I’m glad there were two bags in this box because I absolutely wanted more.

Plum + Red Shiso Seaweed Tempura And Shrimp Chips Mix

I loved these. The shrimp chips had a good crunch to it and a light flavor. However, it was the seaweed tempura that was the star of the show. It was so good and I swear it tasted like eating fresh tempura. It was one of my favorite items this month.

Spring Gold Green Tea

It’s well established that I am not a tea drinker, but I still try the tea because I want to experience every part of this box. I have to say, this tea was actually pretty good. I was careful to steep it only for a few seconds, as the pamphlet warned that it had a very strong flavor.

I really enjoyed all of the flavors and textures that were part of the April 2020 Bokksu. Getting to experience these different foods has been the highlight of each month. I highly recommend Bokksu to anyone who wants to try Japanese snacks.

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    1. It’s tons of fun to see what they include each month.

  1. These boxes sound so good! My daughter would love this. She likes Japanese snacks and sodas. I’ll have to show her– thanks for the recommendation.

    1. I hope she gives Bokksu a try, it’s such a fantastic way to get Japanese snacks.

  2. This was an interesting read. I’ve never tried any Japanese food before, but these all look really nice!

    The chocolate crepes and the castella cake sound like my sort of thing 😊

    1. Thank you. It’s a great way to try something new that isn’t available in the stores.

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