The holidays are an exciting time for everyone. Throw in a box filled with Japanese snacks enjoyed around this time of year and it’s especially exciting. In the December 2023 Sakuraco, we get to experience the flavors of winter, highlighting Hokkaido, an area of Japan known for its milk. With a mix of sweet and savory snacks, Sakuraco has something for everyone to try and enjoy. Want to give Sakuraco a try? Sign up today! December 2023 Sakuraco Matcha Genmaicha Tea This is a tea I have tried before and liked it. I think this is one I could drink semi-regularly. Milk Mochi Anything milk-flavoredRead More →

There is something special about getting to try traditional foods from Japan while in the comfort of my own home. This is why I enjoy Sakuraco so much. Each month a box arrives filled with treats and a small household item to enjoy.  The theme of the November 2023 Sakuraco is Wonders of Saitama. Saitama is known for art, a mix of historical and modern charm, bonsai, and pears. Want to give Sakuraco a try? Sign up today! November 2023 Sakuraco Chapon Sayama Tea I’m not a tea drinker but I always try the tea included. This one was decent. It had a mild flavor.Read More →

Bokksu is a subscription service that brings traditional snacks to your door. Each month features a new theme that highlights seasonal or regional foods. The theme of the November 2023 Bokksu is Cha Cha Tea Time. These snacks are a mix of tea-flavored foods along with snacks that pair well with tea. Though I am not a tea drinker, I was very excited to give all these snacks a try. Want to try Bokksu? Use my referral link to get $15 off your first order. November 2023 Bokksu Wasabi Flavored Pistachio Snacks I’ve never had pistachios before, but anything wasabi-flavored is a win in myRead More →

Bokksu brings traditional Japanese snacks straight to your door. Each month, a new batch of snacks arrives following that month’s theme. The theme of the September 2023 Bokksu is Luminous Tokyo. Celebrate the capitol Japan and all of the flavors found in this bustling city. From caramel to ume to curry bread, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Want to try Bokksu? Use my referral link to get $15 off your first order. September 2023 Bokksu – Luminous Tokyo Petit: Rich Black Sesame Cake This snack went straight to my husband. He loves anything black sesame whereas I can’t stand the flavor. He reallyRead More →

Having the ability to receive snacks from across the world is one of the reasons why I love snack subscription boxes so much. Sakuraco is one such subscription service. They bring traditional Japanese snacks right to my door with beautifully themed boxes and include one non-food item each month. I really enjoyed last month’s box and was eager to dive into August’s box. The theme of the August 2023 Sakuraco is the Festivals of Okinawa. Want to give Sakuraco a try? Sign up today! August 2023 Sakuraco Kokutou Manju I wasn’t sure about this one, but it grew on me as I ate it. TheRead More →

As the summer winds down, natsu matsuri, or summer festivals, pop up in Japan. These are times of fireworks, people dressed in Yukatas (summer kimonos), and a plethora of delicious summer foods. The theme of the August 2023 Bokksu is Fireworks Festival. This month we get to experience the flavors of these late summer festivals. Want to try Bokksu? Use my referral link to get $15 off your first order. August 2023 Bokksu – Fireworks Festival Otokogi Wasabi Chips I loved these chips. The wasabi flavoring was strong and left that distinct burn in my nose that is associated with wasabi before fading away. ThisRead More →

Having first tried Sakuraco in June 2023, I was excited to continue my subscription in July to experience more traditional Japanese snacks. The theme of the July 2023 Sakuraco is Heritage of Nikko. Like many areas of Japan, Nikko has a rich history and contains many tourist attractions, festivals, and its own unique snacks associated with it. Want to give Sakuraco a try? Sign up today! July 2023 Sakuraco Hinohikari Senbei This super crunchy senbei had a nice soy sauce flavor to it, making it the perfect snack. I was glad to see two of these included in this month’s box, as I really enjoyedRead More →

Every month, I look forward to the arrival of my Bokksu. Each month, a box filled with traditional Japanese snacks arrives at my door and they highlight a different flavor and area each time. The theme of the July 2023 Bokksu is Sunny Okinawa. There are plenty of summer and citrus flavors to be found in this box. Bokksu is a great way to experience snacks from Japan without having to travel across the world. Some of the manufacturers featured in this subscription box have been open for more than 100 years. Want to try Bokksu? Use my referral link to get $15 off yourRead More →

Snack-based subscription boxes are some of my favorites. I have tried many in the past and have had my eye on Sakurco for a while now. Sakuraco offers you the ability to experience traditional Japanese snacks from companies that have been around for generations. The theme of the June 2023 Sakuraco is Mochi & Fruit Marvels. I love mochi, so this was the perfect month to give this subscription box a try. Want to give Sakuraco a try? Sign up today! June 2023 Sakuraco – Mochi & Fruit Marvels Lemon Pie Surprisingly good and flaky. Light lemon flavor. Shine Muscat Jelly Wasn’t sure what toRead More →

A new month means a new Bokksu. This monthly subscription box is filled with traditional Japanese snacks, some of which are from companies that have been around for a hundred years. The theme of the April 2023 Bokksu is Sakura Story. It is odd to have two sakura-themed boxes in a row, however, I was nonetheless excited to see what this one contained. Not only are there plenty of sakura items, but also other spring flavors such as plum, strawberry, and peach. I absolutely love seeing what new and repeating snacks I will get to experience each month with Bokksu. Want to try Bokksu? UseRead More →