August 2023 Sakuraco – Festivals of Okinawa

Having the ability to receive snacks from across the world is one of the reasons why I love snack subscription boxes so much. Sakuraco is one such subscription service. They bring traditional Japanese snacks right to my door with beautifully themed boxes and include one non-food item each month. I really enjoyed last month’s box and was eager to dive into August’s box. The theme of the August 2023 Sakuraco is the Festivals of Okinawa.

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August 2023 Sakuraco

Kokutou Manju

I wasn’t sure about this one, but it grew on me as I ate it. The next thing I knew, I had eaten the whole bag of them over the course of a day. The bean paste pairs well with the Okinawan brown sugar.

Beni Imo Donut Bou

I really enjoyed this little donut. I would never have guessed that a sweet potato donut could be so good. It had a nice flavor and the texture was great as well.

Sanpin Tea

I’m not much of a tea drinker, but this one was quite good. It especially paired well with the Uchiwa Festival Cookie.

Uchiwa Festival Cookie

These honey-flavored cookies were great. I loved the design on them and can see why they would be popular during festivals. The honey adds a certain sweetness to the cookie without being too sweet.

Summer Senbei

I love Senbei and this one was fantastic. The honey and soy sauce melded perfectly together to create a sweet and savory flavor.

Kotuto Peanuts

I really enjoyed these. They were slightly sweet with a nice crunch. The closest thing I can compare them to is beer nuts, but they aren’t quite the same flavor or texture.

Okinawan Chili Oil Arare

These were good but I found them to be quite spicy. My husband tried them and loved them, though he said they were barely spicy.

Pineapple Mochi Manju

I loved this! The chewy mochi center had a great pineapple flavor, however, I will say its texture conflicted a bit with the outer manju dough.

Sawfish Senbei

This snack’s unique feature is its sawfish shape. However, the flavor was a bit lacking.

Okinawan Salt Senbei

This salted Senbei had little flavor but a nice light crunch. I could see it pairing well with a cup of tea or some other drink.

Red Tomato Arare

I don’t often see tomato-flavored snacks so I was excited for this one. While the flavor is light, it is distinctly tomato. I’m glad two were included because I really enjoyed this one.

Pickled Daikon Okaki

I’m not a radish fan but I have to admit, these crackers had a nice flavor. My only complaint was how crunchy they were. My jaw was tired after a couple of them. I shared these with my husband since he loves radishes, and he really enjoyed them.

Bingata Uchiwa

This fan is the unique item included in this month’s box. The design is beautiful and I cannot wait to find a spot to display it.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the August 2023 Sakuraco. Have you tried Sakuraco?


    1. Author

      It’s a great subscription service. Oh, that’s a tough one. I would probably say the white peach mochi from the June box has been my favorite. I think another favorite has been the various senbei.

  1. I’ve been toying with getting one of these subscription boxes, they look so much fun. You’ve convinced me, thanks for sharing

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