June 2023 Sakuraco – Mochi & Fruit Marvels

Snack-based subscription boxes are some of my favorites. I have tried many in the past and have had my eye on Sakurco for a while now. Sakuraco offers you the ability to experience traditional Japanese snacks from companies that have been around for generations. The theme of the June 2023 Sakuraco is Mochi & Fruit Marvels. I love mochi, so this was the perfect month to give this subscription box a try.

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June 2023 Sakuraco – Mochi & Fruit Marvels

Lemon Pie

Surprisingly good and flaky. Light lemon flavor.

Shine Muscat Jelly

Wasn’t sure what to expect at first but this was really good. The jelly was really flavorful and while not the easiest to eat, I really enjoyed these.

Ichigo Mochi Manju

I’m not a fan of red bean paste but with this snack, I had nothing to worry about. Honestly, I would have never been able to tell you there was red bean in it had I not read the description. The strawberry flavor was strong and I loved the softness of the outer mochi. This was a great snack.

Genmaicha with Green Tea

I am not a tea person. However, that doesn’t stop me from trying tea contained in snack subscription boxes. This tea was alright. It had a nice flavor to it and I could see it pairing well with some of the snacks.

Lemon Vinegar Arare

Surprisingly crunchy and with a nice bite from the lemon. I can’t say I tasted the vinegar though. It was a decent little snack.

Momo Kibidango

When I saw this big bag of white peach-flavored mochi in the box I got super excited. I absolutely love white peach mochi! These were fantastic. The mochi was soft and chewy and the peach flavor was perfect. I hate to admit it, but I absolutely ate the entire bag in one sitting – I just couldn’t help myself!

Melon Gaufrette

These melon cream cookies were fantastic. The wafer had a decent crunch to it and its flavor paired perfectly with the melon cream. I am glad there were two included in the box because once I ate one, I was ready for another.

Kabosu Nut Sable

This tiny little treat had a lot going for it. A good crunch with a mix of nutty and citrus flavors made for a great experience. I feel like a few more needed to be included to fully appreciate this snack but I was happy with the single serving.

Honey Apple Mochi

This was divine! I wasn’t sure if I would love the combination of apple and honey but when I tried it, I realized it was the perfect combo. I will say, it had a slight caramel flavor to it – or at least it seemed that way to me. It was a lot like eating the filling out of an apple pie. This was by far my favorite item this month.

Setouchi Lemon Squid Tempura

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one but I was blown away. The lemon and squid flavors melded perfectly and the crunch from the tempura brought the snack together. This was one of my favorite items.

Wasabi Kabocha Seeds

I was super excited to see a wasabi-flavored item. Wasabi-coated pumpkin seeds turned out to be a great little snack. The bite from the wasabi works perfectly with the pumpkin seeds.

Ajiko Mochi Crackers

These crackers came in two flavors – soy sauce and salad. I really enjoyed the soy sauce ones but I can’t say that the salad-flavored ones had much of a flavor beyond the base cracker taste. Even so, a nice little snack.

Hana Moyou

I love rice crackers like this, so I was happy to see them included. The mix of flavors and textures makes this the perfect snack, though I will say the shrimp-flavored one was my favorite.

Chrysanthemum Dish

One amazing thing about Sakuraco, is that they include a small item with each box. This month, it was a dish decorated with chrysanthemums. This dish is beautiful can I cannot wait to use it.

I hope you liked my review of the June 2023 Sakuraco. Have you tried Sakuraco?

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