April 2023 Bokksu – Sakura Story

A new month means a new Bokksu. This monthly subscription box is filled with traditional Japanese snacks, some of which are from companies that have been around for a hundred years. The theme of the April 2023 Bokksu is Sakura Story. It is odd to have two sakura-themed boxes in a row, however, I was nonetheless excited to see what this one contained. Not only are there plenty of sakura items, but also other spring flavors such as plum, strawberry, and peach. I absolutely love seeing what new and repeating snacks I will get to experience each month with Bokksu.

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April 2023 Bokksu

Sakura Mochi Azuki Chocolate Crunch

At first, I enjoyed this. The chocolate flavor hit quickly and then the sakura and azuki flavors followed. However, the flavor quickly changed to resemble that of cough syrup and that ruined this treat for me.

Miyako Ume

Surprisingly crunchy, almost to the point of being too hard, and yet, I couldn’t help but devour them. The ume flavor was light, more of a hint than anything.

Strawberry Cookie

The perfect example of a delicious one-bite cookie. It was taking a bite out of summer with its strong strawberry flavor. The soft and slightly crumbly texture of the cookie was also enjoyable.

Ume Zarame

This sweet and savory little cracker was the perfect afternoon snack. It had a nice crunch along with a strong ume, or plum, flavoring.

Handmade Sakura Milk Candy

These were great. They had a creamy taste from the milk while the sakura flavor floated in gently as the candy disappeared.

Sakurazensen Waffle Cookie

Any time a waffle cookie is included in a Bokksu I get excited. The combination of the crunchy waffle cookie with the soft sweet and slightly sour sakura cream made for a perfect snack.

Nagasaki Gosanyaki Castella Cake

You can’t go wrong with Japanese cakes. They are always soft, moist, and flavorful. Not only that, but it was also incredibly fluffy. This was the perfect small dessert after a meal.

Sakura Chinsuko

Another snack I have tried before. These little cookies had great flavor and I loved the slightly crunchy, slightly crumbly texture of them.

Lucky Mentai Mayo Okaki

I haven’t had any mentaiko flavored items before so I was really curious about this one. These were surprisingly good, with a slightly creamy flavor with a little kick of spice. In fact, I was surprised to discover this was a spicy snack. However, in small doses, they were really good. After a few the spice level built up too much.

Kappa Ebisen: Kansai Dashi Soy Sauce Flavor

This was one of my favorite items! I have tried various shrimp crackers before that I found at the grocery store and these ones were so much better than those. The shrimp flavor paired perfectly with the soy sauce and seaweed.

One-Bite Sakura Mochi

I quite enjoyed these. Sometimes, I find filled mochi to be a bit odd, mostly because it’s a huge texture difference. However, with this, the sakura inside was as soft and chewy as the mochi itself.

Sakura Bouchee

I had this treat in the April 2022 Bokksu and really enjoyed it. I love getting the odd repeat item, especially ones I loved in the past as it allows me to experience the flavors again. This snack was wonderfully soft with a strong sakura flavor.

Satsumarche: Kagoshima Chiran Tea

This tea was fine. I can’t say I loved it but it had a decent light flavor to it.

White Peach Kibi Dango Mochi

One of my favorite items this month. The peach flavor was strong and it made me feel like I was tasting summer. The mochi itself had that wonderful soft chew to it.

Tsukisamu Anpan: Sakura Strawberry

I find white bean paste-filled treats are hit or miss with me. This one was alright. I enjoyed the first half of it, however, the second half wasn’t as good, but still a decent little snack. Had it been filled with sakura paste instead of sakura-flavored white bean paste then I think I would have enjoyed it more.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the April 2023 Bokksu. Have you tried Bokksu?

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