April 2023 reading wrap-up

Every month that comes around is a new opportunity to delve into my unread books and explore new worlds. While my TBR has shrunk quite a bit over the years, there are still plenty of books that I have yet to get around to. This month, I also dove into my backlog of Kindle books, which I often ignore in favor of my physical books. My April 2023 reading wrap-up goes over the books I read in April and my thoughts on them.

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April 2023 reading wrap-up

Yona of the Dawn Vol. 38 by Mizuho Kusanagi

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one since finishing Vol 37 which ended on a huge cliffhanger. Another fantastic addition to this series. I absolutely devoured this one and was happy to see more progress on the storyline and have some answers to what had happened in the previous volume. It’s so hard to talk about anything this far into the series without giving away spoilers, however, if you have started reading this series and haven’t made it this far yet, or have been thinking about reading it, I highly recommend you pick it up. Trust me, you will be binge-reading it.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Dmon Vol. 1 by Takashi Shiina

I liked the anime and was excited to see it was getting a manga version. I expected this to be a manga version of the anime but was pleasantly surprised to see that the story is quite a bit different. It still has the essence of the anime, but so far the actual events have been different. Because of this, I am even more excited about this series. I will say it was odd to not have this manga done by Rumiko Takahashi, so it took me a while to get used to the art style but honestly, the story was so good that I quickly fell in love with this style and happily read it. I really look forward to seeing how the rest of the series goes.


The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

Picked it up because it’s very popular, which I don’t do very often. I liked it, however, I found myself confused at times – not with the story itself, but with the writing. I can’t really describe it, but it’s almost like the sentence structure was off at times and it was awkward to read. The story overall was good but easily forgettable. I found myself forcing myself to keep reading so I wouldn’t forget what had just happened. Because of this, I have a hard time saying what I did and didn’t like about it. I will likely read the next book, though I may need to reread this one first, to see how I feel about it.

Komi Can’t Communicate Vol. 22 by Tomohito Oda

So much has happened since this series began and yet I feel like things have only just started. While this volume was a bit slow, it is building up to something big, which I can only hope will be fully explored in the next volume.

A Galaxy Next Door Vol 3 & 4 by Gido Amagakure

These two volumes were quite fun to read. Getting to see some interaction between Ichiro, Shiori, and Shiori’s parents added some new elements to the story. I have been wanting to see more of her family and people and Volume 3 certainly fulfilled that desire. Watching these two navigate their relationship, family life, and work makes this series an enjoyable read. I will say that at times it does feel slow, yet there is plenty going on. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the series has in store.

On The Beach by Nevil Shute

I like to dive into older books and this one popped up on my radar and I decided to give it a chance. It sounded interesting enough, a nuclear war has annihilated most of the world, making it uninhabitable, and it follows several people in Australia as they await their own deaths due to the incoming nuclear cloud. Sounds good, right? Well, it would have been had anything really happened. Most of the book was spent following a couple that didn’t do much – granted when you know death is rolling its way to you in a few months there isn’t much to do. However, even when stuff was happening it all felt very bland. Perhaps because the book was published in 1957 the writing style and story itself feel lackluster compared to present-day books.

The Great Passage by Shion Miura

I didn’t know anything about this one, I picked it up purely because it’s a translated Japanese work and I want to read more of these types of books. It turns out, it’s a book about writing a dictionary! This one was surprisingly good. A bit slow here and there but the character’s love of words and their dedication to making a wonderful dictionary kept me reading. It was interesting to see the triumphs and tribulations of getting a dictionary made and published in Japan. Also neat to see the characters change over the 15 years the novel occurs. I especially liked that the cast of characters was so small as it allowed you to get to know them better and really appreciate their lives and their commitment to sharing the wonderful world of words.

April 2023 reading wrap-up stats

  • Books read: 8
  • Books purchased: 12
  • Books purged: 1
  • Books DNF’d: 1

I hope you enjoyed my April 2023 reading wrap-up. What did you read in April?

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