April 2022 Bokksu – Sakura Season

Sakura season is a major event in Japan that is celebrated with sakura viewings, festivals, and plenty of sakura-themed foods. While these are plentiful in Japan, for those of us outside of Japan, it can be hard to experience the sights, smells, and flavors of cherry blossom season. However, thanks to companies like Bokksu, we can at least get the taste of all those wonderful spring flavors. Bokksu is a monthly subscription box that brings traditional snacks from Japan to your door. Each month is a new theme, highlighting different flavors and areas of Japan. The April 2022 Bokksu brings the many flavors of the sakura season, along with a few other flavors popular during this time of the year.

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April 2022 Bokksu

Beika Ha Tochigi Ume Zarame

A combination of plum and soy sauce may sound strange, but let me tell you, it worked well. This super crunchy cracker had a nice sweet and savory mix.

Kanagawa Sakura Jelly

This treat intrigued me quite a bit. A packet of jelly is sakura flowers suspended within it. I was really eager to give it a try. However, when I did, it was like eating cough syrup in jelly form. Certainly not something I had expected.

Strawberry Milk Strawberry Marshmallow

While I’m not the biggest fan of marshmallows, I figured strawberry-flavored ones would be good. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy these. The flavor was off, not quite strawberry but I couldn’t put my finger on what it did taste like.

Fujisan Schichihenge

These little rice crackers were shaped like Mount Fuji and while that was neat, their flavor was what made them stand out. I enjoyed them all, though the spicy one gave me a slightly harsh kick, I still enjoyed it.

Sakura Mochi

The sakura flavor of this mochi was quite mild, almost to the point where if I didn’t know it was sakura then I might not have been able to taste it. Other than the slight lack of flavor, I enjoyed this mochi.

Morokoshi Cookie: Sakura Horohoro

These sakura petal-shaped cookies were small but had a surprising amount of flavor to them.

Strawberry Choco Mochi

Mochi is always a favorite of mine and this one was great. The strawberry flavor hits first and then as it starts to fade the chocolate slides in. It was a great combination and my only complaint was that I wish they had included more of these.

Oranda Senbei Plum Kelp

If there is one thing I have learned from all my previous Bokksu experiences, it’s that anything that is kelp-flavored is going to be good.

Uma Kara Spicy Mentai Burdock Chips

Spicy foods and I don’t really get along. I like to try them but the spice is often far too much for me. That was the case with these burdock chips. One or two was fine, but if I ate more than that then my mouth was on fire!

Sakura Chinsuko

Shortbread cookies in the shape of sakura flowers with a nice amount of sakura flavor.

Pure Gummy: White Peach

I’m pretty sure I have had these before. I really loved these gummies. The peach flavor is somewhat mild but seems perfect at the same time. If I could have had another bag of these then I would be very happy.

Aji Karuta: Honey Plum

This was a substitute in the box, as the original item wasn’t available. I quite liked these big crackers, though they were a bit harder than I expected them to be. A good jaw workout while enjoying a tasty snack.

Sakura Sweet Cookie

These were fantastic! The cookies were buttery and soft, while the filling had a strong sakura flavor that complimented the cookie perfectly. I also loved the

Manyoukashu: Amakara Komaru

I quite liked this one. The honey flavor was mild but

Sakura Bouchee

I really enjoyed this one. The sakura flavor was strong but not overwhelming and the pastry was wonderfully soft. I could have easily eaten several of these in one sitting.

Spring Gold Green Tea

As a non-tea drinker, I always find it difficult to judge the teas that Bokksu provides. This one was alright and I’m sure would have paired nicely with several of the snacks, but I tried it on its own.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the April 2022 Bokksu. I know I enjoyed these quite a bit. And of course, the best part is that having tried Bokksu many times before, there were no repeat items from their previous Sakura-themed box. Have you tried Bokksu?


  1. Very fun Sakura-themed Bokksu post! I love Japanese snacks. A family I know over there sent me a surprise box of them just after Christmas. I’m glad you enjoyed your special Japanese treats.

    1. Japanese snacks are fantastic. Oh, that’s exciting that they sent you a surprise box. There are so many flavors available there that I wish were available here because they are so delicious and unique.

  2. What an interesting Bokksu review. I’ve definitely never heard of any of these things. I think my kids would like the strawberry milk strawberry marshmallows and the fujisan schichihenge based on their mount fuji shape. Interesting! Thanks for this post.

    1. There were a lot of great snacks in this one that I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy. A lot of these snacks are only available in Japan and for a limited time each season, so its great that Bokksu makes them available this way.

    1. The gummies were certainly one of the best parts of this month’s box.

  3. I loved being introduced to foods I haven’t tried before. The mochi in particularly sounds good – I have had this is Hawaii. Thanks for sharing about the foods of Sakura!

    1. That’s half the reason I started getting Bokksu, is to experience so many new-to-me foods. The mochi is always great and is often one of my favorite items each month. I’ve heard Hawaii has some great mochi places.

  4. Okay, I have to say that I’m a little envious of this phenomenal package! I want to try ALL of it haha! But the strawberry chocolate mochi sounds the absolute best to me. I love mochi!

    1. I can totally understand your jealousy as Bokksu has so many amazing snacks each month. Mochi is always one of my favorite items in the Bokksu.

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