November 2023 Sakuraco – Wonders of Saitama

There is something special about getting to try traditional foods from Japan while in the comfort of my own home. This is why I enjoy Sakuraco so much. Each month a box arrives filled with treats and a small household item to enjoy.  The theme of the November 2023 Sakuraco is Wonders of Saitama. Saitama is known for art, a mix of historical and modern charm, bonsai, and pears.

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November 2023 Sakuraco

Chapon Sayama Tea

I’m not a tea drinker but I always try the tea included. This one was decent. It had a mild flavor.

Oni & Otafuku Rakugan

These sweets had a crumbly texture but a good flavor. It went well with the tea to add some sweetness.

Milk Castelle Cakes

These were amazing! It’s one of my favorite items this month.

The milky flavor mixed with the sweetness made for the perfect treat. These little cakes were so soft and addicting.


I don’t always enjoy snacks that contain red bean paste. However, this daifuku was wonderful.

The combination of soft mochi and the red bean paste made for a wonderful experience.

Black Karinto

I’m still not sure how I feel about this one. It’s good in small amounts but after 2-3 pieces I found the experience overwhelming.

Curry Senbei

I loved this. The curry flavor was perfect and I love senbei in all forms.

Daruma Seasme Senbei

I don’t like black sesame but I did try this senbei. It was okay. My husband enjoyed it.

Wasaka Crane Chopsticks

Every month Sakuraco includes a home item and this time it was a beautiful see of chopsticks.

Nori Thunder Okoshi & Matcha Thunder Okoshi

I have had the matcha version of this before and liked it quite a bit. I will say the nori one was my favorite. Nice and crunchy with good flavor, either version is great.

Walnut Mochi

Another item I have had before, so I was excited to get to have it again. I love the soft mochi mixed with the subtle taste of walnuts.

Chestnut Cake

These were okay. The chestnut flavor was good but the outside of the treat had an odd texture to it.

White Chocolate Fruits: Apple

These were great! Who knew that white chocolate and apples went so well together?

Saitama Pear Gummies

Another great item. The slightly sweet gummy had wonderful pear flavor and really hit the spot.

Strawberry Cookie

This hint of summer was a nice addition to the box. The strawberry flavor was strong and the cookie was delectably soft.

Sweet Potato Danish

Japan has made me love sweet potatoes and this danish was no exception. The flaky pastry with that sweet potato flavoring was a perfect treat.

This month was filled with wonderful snacks. I also enjoy the in-depth information about the region, culture, traditions, and manufacturers highlighted in this month’s items.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the November 2023 Sakuraco. Have you tried Sakuraco?


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      The variety of snacks each month is one of the reasons I love this subscription box so much. So much to try.

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