Armchair BEA: What Did We Miss?

June 2 2013

Throughout Armchair BEA there has been a great amount of discussion on various genres, some were more specific while others were quite broad in their topics covered. It’s nice to see so many different genres of books being discussed in such a short amount of time. But it begs the question, what genres, if any, were missed?

Well first let me say that I think given the number of days to work with the folks who run Armchair BEA did a great job of trying to touch on as many different topics and genres as they could, but inevitably there were some that were missed. The world of books is so vast it’s hard to touch on it all in such a short time frame. So what are the genres/topics that weren’t included that I would like to see next time?

Comics and Graphic Novels are something that some people would argue aren’t really books. I am not one of those people and enjoy these fun reads. I’d love to see a day where comics and graphic novels can be discussed. These image filled books cover just as many genres as regular books so they certain deserve some recognition.

Audiobooks, while not an official genre, are another topic I’d love to see discussed a bit next year. Audiobooks can be found in just about every genre out there much like print books and can open a reader to a whole new book experience. As a new lover of audiobooks I am on the lookout for more recommendations in this category as well as spreading the word on how wonderful this book format can be for those who don’t always have to time to sit down and read a book.

Lastly, I think having a series feature might be a good idea. New series are constantly popping up and it can be hard to keep track of them all. A discussion on series, how to keep track of them, how to keep them separate from each other, which series are your favorite, would be a great addition.

I think that covers the genres and topics that weren’t hit upon during this years Armchair BEA. Even without these topics included there were so many great book discussions happening during this last week.

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