If you have not read or watched Your Name yet, please do so before reading this book. Not only is the story itself amazing, but everything will make so much more sense if you do. As soon as I saw that this book was coming out, I knew that I had to read it. I have fallen in love with the story of Your Name and to get to see this little side story involving those in Mitsuha’s life, and how her experiences with Taki have affected them as well. This book is broken into four different stories, each focusing on one person in Mitsuha’sRead More →

Once again, this volume holds four different stories, so I will break it down based upon each story. First up was Fate, a continuation of the Trag story that started back in the first volume. I want to like this story, because it is the only one that has been in each volume of this series, but I still have issues with the font used. I should not have to hold a book an inch away from my face and squint in order to figure out what the words say. This alone makes this my least favorite story in this volume, and the previous ones.Read More →

Death Note is one of those series that I had been wanting to read for a while, but never really put the effort into finding the books. Then, last summer, I spotted the entire series at a used book store and knew my time to check out this series had finally come. I didn’t really know what to expect out of this series. Really the only thing I knew was that the main character, Light, somehow got a notebook that can kill people by writing their names in it. Honestly, it sounded like a pretty darn interesting concept, so I was eager to dive in.Read More →

Reviews Posted Last Week: Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier Wolf Children by Mamoru Hosoda What I did Last Week Read I have barely touched a book in the last two weeks. I did some reading, but not enough to finish anything. Watched Well, since I failed to do my Monday post the previous week, this will be what I watched in the last two weeks, which was a lot. So first up TV wise I watched a few things. I got through my regular shows on the PVR which are Homestead Rescue, My 600LB Life and Family By The Ton. I also watched the Westminster KennelRead More →

For a while now, I’ve had my eye on Wolf Children, yet for the longest time I never made any real effort to get the manga or watch the anime. So finally a couple months ago, I happened to see the bind-up of all three volumes at the book store and knew it was my chance to finally read this. I’ll admit, that upon initially starting this book, I didn’t feel drawn into the story. It felt a bit slow, and while I enjoyed the artwork, I wasn’t falling in love with the characters or story. I continued to read through it, knowing that thereRead More →

This is one of those books that I saw on quite a few blogs a while back, and I’ll admit, I was intrigued by it. My son also showed interest in this book, so we decided to get it in order to read it. I didn’t really know what to expect with this one. I decided to go in as blind as possible, knowing only that it involved sisters and ghosts. I have to say, this was the first book that I have read that had a character with cystic fibrosis. I know very little about the disease, besides what the book told me, soRead More →

When I first started reading this book, I thought that it might actually be a novelization of the Veronica Mars movie, because it felt too similar. This made me disappointed, because I wanted a new story, but I kept on reading and soon realized that this all occurs shortly after the movie, which made me happy. This story definitely has the feel of the Veronica Mars series, which it should, after all, it’s written by Rob Thomas. I was glad to see that this series was continuing, even if it was in book form, because I have long enjoyed watching Veronica Mars. I liked howRead More →

Reviews Posted Last Week: Bonds of Brotherhood by Paul Cornell What I did Last Week Read Though I did some reading last week, I didn’t finish anything. I am about a third of the way through The Princess Diarist, and I’m enjoying it so far, it’s just unfortunate that I wasn’t able to finish it yet. Watched One of my big goals this week was to get through a big stack of movies, and I did that. Over the course of the week I watched a total of fifteen movies, which were Blade Runner, Blood: The Last Vampire, Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Anastasia,Read More →

Oh boy, what can I say about this one? I had been excited to read this book, because I loved the Orc prequel novel, Durotan, and figured that this one would be good as well. But, I was wrong. The art is this book was really the only good thing. Though I will admit that I wish the main characters, Llane, Lothar and Medivh, had a bit more distinguishing features, because honestly they often looked too similar on most pages. Otherwise, the art was enjoyable. The story however, was both terrible and lacking. I want to say that this might have been more enjoyable hadRead More →

Reviews Posted Last Week: The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford Smuggler’s Run by Greg Rucka What I did Last Week Read Well, I didn’t have a ton of reading time last week, but I did manage to complete a book. I had been picking away at Final Ride for a couple weeks now, but was finally able to find a good chunk of time to sit down and finish it. I enjoyed this one quite a bit and will be posting a full review of it around April. Watched I once again watched quite a few things over the course of the week. On theRead More →