Monday Progress Report #109

Reviews Posted Last Week:
Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier
Wolf Children by Mamoru Hosoda

What I did Last Week


I have barely touched a book in the last two weeks. I did some reading, but not enough to finish anything.


Well, since I failed to do my Monday post the previous week, this will be what I watched in the last two weeks, which was a lot. So first up TV wise I watched a few things. I got through my regular shows on the PVR which are Homestead Rescue, My 600LB Life and Family By The Ton. I also watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which was awesome. The movies I watched two weeks ago were: Dirty Dancing, Troy, Conagher, I Dreamed of Africa, Corpse Bride, The Indian In The Cupboard, Poseidon, Ivanhoe, Rainbow Brite And The Star Stealer, Tombstone, The Horse Whisperer, and Eight Below. Last week I watched the 1995 The Quick And The Dead, A Knight’s Tale, The Ghost And The Darkness, and Ride Around The World. So needless to say, I have put a huge dent in our DVD pile, since nearly all of these we decided not to keep. Lastly, I was able to watch a few movies in the theatre this weekend, which were Black Panther, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle.


I was kind of a slow the last two weeks. Mostly I spend the days playing World of Warcraft and watched a lot of movies. Last weekend I went to the city for much needed time away, plus the truck needed some major work done. I ended up staying a bit longer than expected thanks to the delays on the truck and winter weather, but made it home safely in time for another snow storm to hit that night. That meant spending most of Sunday shoveling snow.

What I Plan To Do This Week


Hopefully I will get some reading done this week. I have been in a weird reading slump and I’m trying out different books to see which one will break me out of it.


I still have more DVDs to get through, so most of my watching time will be spent on those. Otherwise, I will be watching my regular shows on the PVR.


I don’t really have any solid plans. I need to figure out what needs to get done around the house and start getting those things knocked out.

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