Top Ten Tuesday: Best Bookish Memories

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Best Bookish Memories (waiting in line for a new release, meeting an author, or some sort of great experience with a particular book that was unlike others).

Oh this is a fun one. While I have never met an author or waited in line for a new release, I do live four hours away from the nearest book store after all, I do have a number of good bookish memories.

  1. Going to the library as a kid. Oh man one of my greatest joys as a kid was the weekly, if not more frequent, trips to the library to get new and sometimes not so new books. I loved walking down the various shelves seeing just what books I could borrow, mentally adding some to a list to get in the future and sometimes being disappointed when the one I really wanted to get wasn’t in.
  2. Discovering my love of Science Fiction and Fantasy books. Sadly I can’t tell you which books of these genres I read first or when it happened but for the longest time these were the only genres I would touch. I may not read Science Fiction much these days but remembering how much I loved these books is always a happy thought.
  3. Staying up til morning reading a really good book. Oh this happened so many times I’ve lost track! But man I remember far too often having my mother come down to my room at two, three and sometimes five in the morning threatening to take my book away if I didn’t go to bed because I had school to go to and I needed sleep. I would always beg for enough time to read one more chapter, sometimes she would agree others she would huff and take my book.
  4. Reading my first Star Wars books. Now this one I remember quite clearly. It was after the Original Trilogy was re-released and I hurried to the bookstore to find more books involving my new favorite characters and setting. I bought many that day but the first one I read was The Courtship of Princess Leia. I loved it and it is still one of my favorite Star Wars novels, not to mention it helped to expand my love/obsession with this series.
  5. Buying a book that was signed by the author. Now this one I stumbled upon by accident. I had went to the used book store and bought a bunch of older Western novels and when I was putting them away on my shelf I randomly looked in the covers and discovered one of them had been signed by the author. I was tickled pink, especially since I only paid two dollars for the book.
  6. Discovering my love of audio books. This is a very recent discovery, as in only a few weeks ago. I had been so against audio books for the longest time because I love the act of actually reading a book, but then by chance I tried one through a trial version of and now I’m hooked. I’ve got a growing list of audio books I would love to listen to though thankfully I’m limited to one a month through my plan so I don’t bankrupt myself.
  7. Getting my hands on much wanted books. I read a lot of older books, and by older I mean ones that have been published in the last twenty years usually but some even older than that, and because of this it can be hard to find certain books. Even with the addition of e-readers and e-books some books are just hard to find. So when I finally find the ones I have been looking for, be it at a used book store, online or through my Kindle I get super excited.
  8. Buying my Kindle. Alright, I know I’ve said before that I’m still not a fan of my Kindle after two years of owning it, but I had been so excited to get it way back then. Mainly because when it first came out it wasn’t available to use Canadians and secondly because of the potential it had to reduce the number of bookshelves around my house. I still try to go for dead tree books over e-books but I do still think the Kindle is a handy thing to have from time to time. Even if it has been recently giving me issues and likely needs to be replaced.
  9. Starting my book blog. I grew up in a largely non-reading family so I didn’t have many people to share my thoughts on books with. Add to that the fact I’m a very anti-social person and I never get to talk books. So this blog lets me share my thoughts on books and interact with other book loves without having to come face to face with them.
  10. Revisiting books from my childhood. I read so many books as a kid and now that my son is getting to the age where he wants to read, and still be read to for the most part, I get to revisit many of the books I read as a kid and watch my son enjoy them as well. If there is one thing I want to pass onto my son it’s a love of reading and if the hundred or so books he has doesn’t do that then clearly I need to buy him more books.

What bookish memories do you have? Is it a particular book you have read, meeting an author, going to a book expo or something else?

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