Book Review: Aftermath

Going into Aftermath I will admit I was a bit worried. I had this bad feeling that the book would feel a lot like Wanderlust, the second book in the series and the one that felt a bit dull.

Things were slow at the beginning, but I did have a flicker of hope that it would pick up after the trial. It was the trial that had initially made me think that the book would be a slow dull read, because let’s face it, legal mumbo jumbo tends to be not the most interesting topic in a book. But, there was a ray of hope even in that part of the book, as the process was sped along quite quickly and a lot of the actual legal happenings were only touched upon, instead of bogging down the story.

After this I waited for it to pick up, waiting for it to be the book I was secretly hoping it would be. But sadly that did not come. The flow was good, the pace was decent enough but I think it was the story itself that really prevented this book from shining. A lot happens, but there is a lack of action that the previous novels possessed. If anything, this felt like the book was setting a lot of things that would play a key part for the next and final book in the series.

Sirantha’s character has come a long way since the beginning of this series, and while overall the changes haven’t removed the appeal of her character, it does change the way she approaching situations. I would like to have seen more action in this book, but it did not come, I will simply have to wait until the next one to see if I get my action packed wishes.

There were quite a few interesting moments along the way in this book, some discoveries that will have a major effect on things to come – at least I think they will. Change was another thing that occurred in this book on a big level. Some of the changes will lead to good things, but some of the changes I wasn’t all that happy about. I will have to wait and see how those changes affect the final book.

The lack of March in this book was something I wish hadn’t have happened. I really liked March’s character, even if he had to grown on me over the course of the series, and this book robbed me of his presence for the most part. Of course, in that same vein, Vel’s presence has grown a lot. Both of these characters are great in their own way, and with how things turn out for Vel, March and Sirantha, things are following a much different path than I expected them to.

While it wasn’t the best book in the series I still enjoyed it. Yes, there were things that happened that I didn’t see coming, and things that I wished didn’t happen, but I will still continue on with the series. I am curious to see how these changes, both major and minor, will affect Sirantha in this final leg of her journey, but at the same time I don’t want to see it end.

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