Book Review: Blightborn

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

I have been looking forward to reading Blightborn since I finished the previous novel in the series, Under The Empyrean Sky. But there was a problem, I had forgotten nearly everything that had happened previously in this story. Even so, I decided to dive into Blightborn. Luckily, as I started to read this book most of the prior events came back to me and I was no longer worried that I would be lost among the story.

Very quickly I was sucked into the book and found the flow to be quite solid for the most part. There were the odd sections where the story dipped a bit and I found my attention wavering slightly, however these parts were few and far between and were followed up by something that really grabbed my attention. The writing style of this book is quite pleasing to read and it really helped me become fully engrossed into the story.

One major appeal of this book is that we get to see a lot more of the Empyrean world and it’s technology. Before the technology was only loosely mentioned and never really shown all that much. Now though the reader gets to experience many facets of this advanced world of living on ships among the cloud. Seeing the flotilla, all it’s various technologies, like the automates, really brought the story together. And yet, a good chunk of the technology mentioned in this book mimics what we use today in our own lives. The visidex is essentially a smart phone or tablet, so seeing that very similar technology really helps the reader become fully immersed in the story as it helps them related to what they are reading. But it’s not all about machines either. While machines are a large part of the Empyrean world, so too is genetic engineering. Getting to see just what lengths they are willing to go to in order to genetically engineer something that perhaps shouldn’t exist certainly adds a nice little layer to the story.

There were plenty of new characters added in this book, which consisted of a mix of Heartlanders as well as Empyreans. I really enjoyed getting to see the various Empyreans and how their world is so much different than the Heartlanders. Though these two groups of people are so different from one another, it’s obvious that they can’t survive without each other, even if that’s not what they want. I enjoyed seeing how they react to different events and most important getting to truly see what an Empyrean truly thinks about a Heartlander and the things they will do to they to get what they want or think that they deserve. As far as the main characters go, who we got to see again from the first book, I feel as though Gwennie is the one that changed the most. She is still a great character to have in the story but it shall be interesting to see how what she has gone through will affect her future. Of course the other characters also had plenty happen to them that will likely shape what occurs in the future.

After reading this book there are some unanswered questions but I hope to see those answers reveal themselves in the next book.

Events in this book certainly took a few unexpected twists along the way and with the ending I feel the desire to read the final book in the trilogy already, but I know I will have to wait, as that will bea while before it’s released. I would definitely recommend this book and series. I look forward to reading the final book in the series to see just how everything will be wrapped up and what will happen to the various characters involved in each story.

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