Book Review: Breaking Point

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

For a while now I have been reading and enjoying quite a few of Lindsay McKenna’s books from her various series. So when I heard that another book in the Shadow Warriors series was coming out I was obviously excited to read it.

Unfortunately my excitement died pretty quickly once I started reading this book. Sometimes a book isn’t an instant grab for me but the further into the story the more appealing it gets, but that was not the case with this one. It started off fairly typical and then just stayed at that mediocre level. I feel that a lot of it had to do with the characters. Gabe wasn’t too bad of a character though he felt fairly typical of the strong protective type, but it was Bay that truly ruined it for me because she was so cookie cutter that I just didn’t care what the hell happened to her. Beyond this I felt that there were just way too many similarities in this book to the others in this series that I have read.

I know there are people out there that would enjoy this book quite a bit, but I personally found it flat and unappealing to read. Really the big upside was that it didn’t take long to get through it. Though I admit after the first half I did a lot of skimming reading because it seemed like I was reading a story I had already read again. I may read more in this series but I will not rush to do so.

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