Book Review: Every Which Way But Dead

This is the third book in The Hollows series.

With each book in this series that I read, or I guess in my case listen to, I am loving it more and more. The second book in the series, The Good, The Bad And The Undead, left me craving more of the characters and to see how events would progress that started in that book. So it only took me a short time after finishing that audio book to dive into Every Which Way But Dead. And boy I am glad I got to this one so quickly.

Things are getting more interesting with each chapter of each book. However I have to say that after listening to this book it is currently my favorite among the series so far. There had been a few loose ends with the previous book and those were quickly tied up, while other events continued on to propel the characters through difference scenarios.

I found that with this book I liked Rachel more. There were times in the previous two books that she annoyed me, mostly when she did something clearly stupid or rushed into things and only got herself into trouble instead of helping things out. Her character has matured quite a bit and I find myself shaking my head less at the things she does, instead she is actually taking the time to think and plan things through. There are moments where she dives in head first with little thought but it fits perfectly with the events that are happening, since she wouldn’t have time to really think before acting. Ivy’s character also felt stronger in this book. After the events of the prior book I was worried that her character would become a shell of her former self, but she seemed to have gotten over that slump and is back to her usual awesome self.

Jenks is still my favorite character with his one liners, big attitude and just everything about him. He, along with Ivy, are definitely often the voice of reason with Rachel. His character really compliments Rachel and Ivy’s and the three of them make sure a great trio, if at times it might seem a bit strange. Though I was quite shocked by what he did in this book and really hope it all gets fixed. I won’t go into details of what happened but let me tell you I never saw it coming and it really changed things bit time for the rest of the book.

There were actually quite a few good twists along the course of this story, outside of the one involving Jenks. I loved Algaliarept and Rachel’s little surprise when it came to the whole familiar thing. Ceri, Al’s old familiar, definitely made things interesting and the thing that makes her and Trent similar is another nice twist. Even Rachel’s very unplanned trip into the Ever After added a new element into the story and there were a few tense moments during that time when I wasn’t sure how things would finally play out.

I really enjoyed seeing a bit more background on the main characters as well as a few of the more minor ones. Getting to see Ivy’s family and her former roommate/lover, learning more about each of their pasts, finding out little secrets that may come into play later on. Of course it wasn’t all about the backgrounds either, seeing more of certain characters in the now was another aspect that I loved. Learning about pasts is great but seeing things progress in the current story is also very appealing and I found that they both helped to move things forward and give the characters more dimension.

The flow was once again really good, as it has been with the previous books, and I found myself listening for hours on end, regretting when I had to turn it off in order to do things like sleep. I have said it before, but I will say it again, Marguerite Gavin is one of the best narrators I have come across and she truly brings this book to life with the variety of character voices and well played emotions at the right time.

Really the one thing I missed in this book that I enjoyed in the previous two books were all the jokes and references about tomatoes. It seems like an odd thing to miss but I had been looking forward to it. Though Nick’s lack of presence in the book can account for the missing tomato references. Hopefully they will return in future books.

Overall I absolutely loved this book. As I said before it is my favorite of the series so far and I cannot wait to continue on with these books and see where things lead next. Fans of fantasy and paranormal will enjoy this series and I would recommend listening to it on audio book as the narrator is fantastic and really adds another layer to the story.

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