Book Review: Grimspace

Grimspace is a book that I might not have read had it not wandered up into my feed on GoodReads. My interest was piqued and I decided to give it a try. I do enjoy Science Fictions novels quite a bit and this one certainly sounded interesting.

The beginning of the book definitely drew me in. I’ll admit I wasn’t one hundred percent sure about Sirantha’s character at this point, but she pretty quickly grew on me, especially as the story progressed. Plus who doesn’t like half crazy characters? Granted she wasn’t half crazy by the end (or was she) but it certainly added a new level to her character and was something you don’t often see in main characters these days.

March on the other hand took some getting used to. It may be my general dislike of people named after months/countries/objects that made me not like him at first, but eventually I did warm up to him, especially in the second half of the book. The others in his ships crew, Dina, Loras, Saul, were a great hodgepodge mix of personalities that really compliments (and sometimes conflicted) with each other and helped to add a good variety to the story as a whole.

The story had a very good flow to it and I cannot recall many slow spots, and if there were any they didn’t last long. There was a nice amount of world building throughout the book and it really helped to stitch the story together. One aspect I really enjoyed was how Grimspace was never truly explained, Sirantha made an attempt at it, but she also made a point that only those with the J-gene can truly understand what it is like. This added a small bit of mystery to it all, because even with that description there is still a big unknown about Grimspace and how it works.

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy science fiction, as it had a lot of the elements that I have come to love from that genre and a few new things thrown in as well. I will be continuing on with this series to see what happen next both with the characters and the storyline.

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