Book Review: Horses And Heroin

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

This book starts off a little slow. However since not all books start off with an amazing first chapter I ignored that slow feeling and kept reading. Over the course of the first few chapters the reader is introduced to the two main characters, Megan and Scott, a good chunk of minor characters and the background is given on events that have occurred to lead everyone to where they are now.

I kind of liked Megan’s character, who is the missing students sister though they do not share the same name. She wasn’t a perfect character but had enough decent qualities for me to like her, though she never really made it past that stage for me. As far as Scott goes I didn’t care for his character so much. I can’t say exactly why that is, but throughout the whole story he just felt a bit off to me.

For the most part the story line was okay, it did veer off in random directions now and then as well as some things that were blatantly obvious were missed by Scoot, who is a PI and should have picked up on those things. The pace was a bit slow, and I really had to force myself to keep reading at several points or I would have put the book down and likely not picked it up again.

I debated on whether to give this a full three stars or to bump it down to two and a half stars. Eventually I settled on three stars because overall the story was simply okay. I think had the pace been a bit faster, if the story line had have no made random detours and the characters been a bit more likeable I would have enjoyed the book more. Since I know there are people who would enjoy this type of story I would recommend this. However I am not sure if I will be reading any more books by this author as so far I am yet to be wowed by her work.

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