Book Review: How Star Wars Conquered The Universe

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

I am a very big fan of Star Wars, so whenever I see a book or anything else with those two words plastered on it somewhere I find myself gravitating towards it. So it would come as no big shock that when I saw this book I knew that I just had to read it. Unfortunately this book ended up being closer to a disappointment than something I enjoyed.

Now don’t get me wrong there were some very good sections found within this book. These chapters I gobbled up happily and made me think this was another treasure to be added to my large Star Wars book shelf. These sections were not only well written but obviously well researched and they gave me a great sense of joy to read them. The author, Chris Taylor, does a very good job of bringing things to life and proving or disproving certain myths surrounding the Star Wars universe.

However, there are several sections that just seem disjointed and are a pain to read. These parts jump around from subject to subject like a candy hyper child unsure of what to do or where to go next. It is very hard to read and enjoy something when there is little to no reason behind how things are written. One moment you are reading a section on a certain aspect of the movies or the Star Wars universe and then it’s talking about something completely (or relatively so) unrelated and by the time it gets back to what you had been reading about before the subject switch you can’t fully recall what you have read. This disorganization really ruined the book for me. Had it stuck to a more chronological order or even just had better flow from one subject to the next then this book would have been much more appealing to me.

That being said, the book isn’t terrible. It actually has the potential to be a truly enjoyable read for Star Wars fans but I feel it needs some more polishing in order to reach that stage. People who love Star Wars may or may not enjoy this book, but I think it you are willing to take you time with it and put up with the disorganization of the book then you may find it to be a fairly good read. In it’s current state I wouldn’t go about recommending this book very much, but if it gets an update to make it more reader friendly then yes I would recommend it.

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