Book Review: My Pet Chicken Handbook

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

Recently I have been giving some thought to eventually getting some chickens to keep in my backyard for eats. Now of course it’s not something I am going to dive into without doing plenty of research first. So when I saw this book up for review I decided to read it and see how much information it contained, both to expand my knowledge on backyard chickens and to see if it was a book truly worth having and sharing with other chicken enthusiasts.

The first thing that stood out to me was how well organized this book is. Each chapter is broken up into sections so you know exactly where to look for the information you are seeking. Now this is often the case in book such as this, but even then sometimes information get placed in odd sections and takes a lot of hunting to find, however in the case of this book I felt that I never had to flip through dozens of pages to find what I wanted. If I wanted to know how much to feed chickens I simply looked at the table of contents, flipped to the page and there was the information I needed.

The second thing that stood out was the amount of work that the authors put into this book. Yes it is extremely well organized, but it is obvious that the authors not only put a lot of time into their chickens and learning everything they could about them to share with others, but this book also goes beyond your basic information. I have read a few other resources about chickens before I got to this book and often times those resources cover only a small bit of information or a singular topic instead of a more broad spectrum of knowledge. I don’t want to have to own and reference a dozen books in order to find something specific about chickens, and I feel that this book covers darn near everything I could want to know.

So why give only a four star rating? Well the answer to that is simple. Because I am still learning about chickens and don’t have any hand on experience yet I can’t say what, if any, information is missing from this book. I do feel like everything important was covered and I hope to one day be able to put what I learned from this book to good use when I have chickens of my own. I also have to say that the cover and title really don’t do this book justice, it does not reflect the large amount of knowledge that is contained in this book.

Overall I think this book is a fantastic resource both for those who want to own chickens as well as those who already own some. It’s well organized, researched and shows how much the authors love and enjoy chickens and that they want to share that information with others. If you are thinking of buying chickens to raise one day then I would definitely recommend this book.

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