Book Review: Next

I had always told myself that the first Michael Crichton book that I would read would be Jurassic Park. Then my book club picked Next as the book we would read in December and my plans kind of went out the window. I will admit that after reading the description I wasn’t expecting the book to blow me away. In fact I put off reading it for nearly the whole month I had to read it before finally biting the bullet.

There’s not a lot I can say about this book. It had a decent enough pace for the most part however there were sections were it felt more like a punishment with it’s slow dragging chapters. I can’t remember anything special about the characters, I know there was a fairly decent number of it, all affected by genetics in one way or another, some had more direct connections that others. Yet none of the character stood out to me as special, they were just there, some moving the book along, others seeming to try to slow it down.

In the end I found the book to simply be okay. And when the book club met that was the feeling among all of us, it was okay but not good. I feel as though the book could have been better but with so little of it staying with me now I can’t say what needs to be changed or added/removed in order to make it so. People who enjoy science fiction may enjoy this book, though it may feel slow at times. I can’t say that I would recommend this book, simply because nothing in it stood out to me and with every day that passes what I little I remember from it fades more and more away.

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