Book Review: Rider

When I first found this book and read the description I found a number of things that appealed to me. Unicorns. Female Warriors. Magic. What’s not to like? Well unfortunately there was a number of things that make this book a bit lackluster to me.

The story itself wasn’t too bad, in fact the first quarter or so had a fairly decent pace, a good mix of characters and the plot line had a good amount of appeal to it. While I didn’t feel much of a connection to the main characters, or the minor ones for that matter, I still held on to what appeal there was to the story itself, not letting the more bland characters ruin it. However this only lasted for a little while, because soon I realized how predictable this book was. It became apparent very quickly that what little uniqueness there was in the book was tossed aside for all too typical plot devices used in a large number of fantasy and young adult books. Now it wasn’t all bad, there were some parts that made the story come back to me and that helped to bump up my rating of the book. But that’s where the good things about this book ended.

I feel that the worst part of the book was the narrator, Christine Padovan. The first thing that stood about to me about her was that she sounded bored reading this book, which obviously did not help to draw me into the story, in fact I had to struggle to keep my attention on what she was saying. Though I’m always saying that narrators need to give characters unique voices, in this case I feel that I would have preferred her to keep her voice the same throughout the book. The voices that she gave each character felt off to me, and many of them sounded like squeaky children, which granted many of the characters were in their early teens but they still sounded childish. Add to this that she seemed to whisper through a large chunk of the book, even when a character was supposedly yelling she would lower her voice and whisper.

I definitely think I would have enjoyed this book much more had I read it instead of listening to the audio book version of it. Yes, I would have still found it annoyingly predictable at times but having a narrator sound like she doesn’t even want to be reading this book took away too much of the story for me to enjoy it. Anyone interested in reading this book I would highly suggest avoiding the audio book, pick up the actual book and it should be pretty enjoyable. I may read the rest of this series when it comes out but I will avoid the audio books of them.

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