Book Review: Seduction of a Highland Lass

Events from this book fall shortly after the end of In Bed With A Highlander, the first book in this trilogy, and it helped to keep the flow of the story smooth right from the beginning. Even though there was almost a years ago between when I listened to the first book and then listened to this one I felt that things were done well so that I didn’t need to be reminded too much of what had previously happened. The little chunk of action at the beginning was a nice addition, because I love action scenes in all books.

I liked Keeley’s character. She had a lot of spunk, wouldn’t let others push her around, stood up for what she believed it and had a lot of fire to her. She was not the type to let others roll over her or one of those annoying I’m weak and therefore cant do anything myself girly characters that I hate in romance books. She definitely made things interesting and was a great female protagonish in this story.

Alaric was a pretty good male protagonist as well. Of course, having read the previous book, I was already a bit familiar with his character, but he certainly had a minor role in that book. There were times when I didn’t like him as much as I should have, more so at the beginning and even as far as about half way into the book, but overall I liked him. He’s one of those characters that grew on me over time.

Overall the storyline was pretty good, I like how it still played on a lot of what happened in the first book in the trilogy but also had it’s own unique feel to it. I found myself laughing at times, especially when listening to the banter between characters. Of course there were also times when things were just so ridiculous I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head at it. It was good to see the characters from the first book still having a strong presence in this one. It meant that not all the focus was put on Keeley and Alaric, there were other things happening which helped to add to the book and make it more interesting. Not only that, but it made it feel like there was more of a connection to make the second book truly a part of a trilogy instead of just a book that happens to have the same characters and idea as the first one, as sometimes occurs in trilogies and series of this nature.

I was a bit disappointed to not actually see Duncan Cameron. I love villains and Duncan Cameron is a fantastic one. While he was mentioned in the book, I found his missing presence to be something I was sad about. I really wanted to at least see him once or twice, even if it was something small like him sending men to harry the McCabes’s. Because of his lack of presence, or at least this is how I see it, there was a lack of overall action in this book. There were one of two small moments where a burst of action would happen but it seemed to be over as quickly as it started and that was a bit disappointing.

The last few chapters definitely were really good and for a little while I did wonder what would become of Keeley. I like how Alaric showed how gutsy he can be, for what he did and said to the King at the end. But the actual ending I found a bit disappointing, In a way I feel that the ending worked and yet when the book was suddenly done the only thing I could think was ‘that’s not a good ending, there should be an epilogue or something to make it a better ending’.

Once again, the narrator, Kirsten Potter, does a fantastic job of bringing this book to life and really the only thing I wish was done differently is that she used her Scottish accent throughout the book instead of only during the narrative parts. But really I think it was well done. All in all though I enjoyed this book quite a bit, I’m torn on whether I like it more than the first book or not, but it was a good listen. Those who enjoy romance, especially those with a Scottish flair to them, will undoubtedly enjoy this trilogy. I look forward to finishing off this trilogy shortly.

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