Book Review: See No Weevil

I was so excited to reach the end of the King’s Quest trilogy, yet at the same time I was sad to see these books come to an end so soon. I thoroughly enjoyed re-visiting the world of Daventry after having been away from the games for a number of years and though the details of the games had faded away I still remember loving this world and it’s characters and these books allowed me to rekindle that love.

I will admit that at the beginning of this book I didn’t like Princess Rosella. She was young, naive and expected everything to simply fall at her feet once her parents had left the kingdom and when things didn’t go her way she acted like a child. And yet all this time she wanted to be treated like an adult because she felt that since she was turning fifteen soon she should be given greater respect from others and be able to run the kingdom as she saw fit.

Flawed as she was in the beginning Rosella soon realized her mistakes, even if it occurred after two very bad and dangerous events that affected the whole of Daventry. It was once she began to think properly and work to fix those mistakes that her character truly shone and I felt myself being pulled fully into the story. Though she couldn’t do it all alone, not only did she need the help of her parents most trusted subjects, along with everyone in Daventry, but she also had to rely on one very unique scholar who she disliked at first. Farquhar, is a younger scholar, who is to replace Rosella’s aging tutor and it is the infestation of the weevils along with the release of the Sloks that puts him and Rosella to the test using all of their wits, abilities and a good chunk of luck to save the day.

At first I wasn’t sure how having weevils being one of the main menaces of the story would work out. Even with millions of them running around Daventry they are just tiny insects. Throw in the fact that they are magic weevils, add in a hundred or so dangerous Sloks, who are bi-pedal lizards that eat practically everything in their path, and mix in Rosella’s inexperience at running things and you have a recipe for one crazy and yet entertaining story.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, true I didn’t like it so much at the beginning but it quickly grew on me and all too soon it was over. I do wish there were more books within the King’s Quest series, especially one focusing on Queen Valanice, but I am happy that these three exist. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loved to play these games as they will truly take you back to that time. Fan of fantasy will also enjoy these books. I have a feeling I will be re-reading these books often in the future and they have also prompted me to return to playing the games, as soon as I can find a computer that can run such old games on it.

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